Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Muffin Puffin

I went for the medical check up and thank god there wasn't any blood test..pheww! And to my suprise, I only grew 1cm in the last 10 years! Yes, I was a big child :P

Besides that, I've got nothing much to do today (just like every other day). I think I've overplayed Yahoo Pool coz I've been losing a lot of games lately. So I decided to practice piano instead. It has been months since I last practiced, til the piano keys got a lil bit dusty. Lucky for me, I'm still able to play some of my favourite tunes ;)

After that, I baked muffins :D Actually, my mom has been pestering me to do it for quite a while now :D It was the very first recipe mom taught me. That time it was just after my 16th birthday, which by then she thought I was old enough to handle the oven on my own.

Muffins anyone?

1 comment:

hausaki said...

i'll be really happy if i can have one of ur homemade muffins...that if you can FedEx it all the way to tokyo...probably i should wait until next time i come back to m'sia...this year's aidilfitri perhaps...