Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Last week of pure leisure

I have plans layed out for almost every single day this week. It's also my last week of unemployment, might as well make full use of it. I've been sleeping for 8-10 hours each night. After this, who knows if I would be able to get my much needed 8-hour sleep?

After 3-4 times of plans going astray, I'll finally be going out with the girls, Iryana (Lady Lara) and Idaura, tonight. That's if there isn't any last minute cancellation..I hope not. We used to be roomies back in our 2nd year. It's a concidence that our names start with an 'I' while our nick names start with 'Y'. Here's what I mean: Irin(Yin), Idaura(Yaya), Iryana(Yan). Mer once said we're like Charlie's Angels :P

I also have to go for a medical check up around this week and I'm scared! I don't like going to the doctor, which may be the reason why I seldom get sick.
I hate needles!
I managed to skip my BCG jab back when I was 12. I was safe for 3 years but it didn't last long as it resulted to double jabs when I was 15, BCG and Tt..t..aargh, can't remember! Could it be Titanous? That doesn't sound right. Sounds too much like Titanic.


hausaki said...

it's really nice to read ur posting everyday.although i know u don't really care much about me or comment that i sent,well,at least there is something for me to write...
best of luck on everything.

Irin said...

I'm glad u enjoy reading my posts. Comments are very much appreciated. Many thanx :)

Anonymous said...

its tetanus la irin.. ahaha.. nice layout.. wah sudah kerja skarang.. no more relaxing days eh?

Irin said...

Oh Tetanus..titanous..they sound the same :P Anyways, thanx for clearing that up ;)