Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I missed the picture perfect moment!

Aaaargh..i'm so upset!

Ikano put on a beautiful fireworks display for over 20 mins. So there I was enjoying the view from outside my condo unit. Approximately 19 mins and 30 secs through the show, I suddenly had the urge to grab my camera. I raaaan inside to get it and raaan back outside.......and the show was over! :(

Guess I hafta wait till New Year then *sigh*


hausaki said...

what do want for your birthday present?just request me anything and i mean anything....a car obsolutely won't fit a fedex courier box.

Irin said...

Hmm..I can't think of anything else besides a car.

Anonymous said...

alaa..dah keje kumpullah duit beli kereta,tak boley jadik independent sket ker?too manja la u ni..