Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Heydeq's Birthday Suprise!

Last night me and some of the girls and their boyfriends made a suprise for Heydeq at this place called Tupai Tupai in KL. It's a pretty cosy place with a very forest-like surrounding. Heydeq's other half, Shahir, made it possible as he arranged everything, with some help from Ina. Sha and Mun couldn't make it that night as they had other matters that they had to attend to.

Shahir escorted us to the place (we didn't know where the place was) and went back to TTDI to fetch Heydeq. While waiting, we ordered some drinks and chatted away while getting to know Heydeq's friend from college, Mas, who was there to join the suprise.

When Heydeq got there, she was utterly suprised and touched by our presence. The food was not bad either, which left everyone with a full stomach. After dinner, the Tupai Tupai people brought along the birthday cake with the candles lit.

(From Left: Me, Mas, Ina, Khai, Shahir, Heydeq, Ilin, Alia)

On the way back, the twins, Alia, Khai (Ina's bf) and me dropped by at Mun's place to wish her a happy birthday (remember that they share the same birthday?). We were just in time coz it was close to midnight. We got ourselves a piece of cake to bring home. Yay! More cake! :D

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