Saturday, August 28, 2004

Crazy Sale

How often do you hear the phrase, "Buy 1 Free 2" ? I don't know about Petaling Street or Chau Kit (spelling?) but at England Optical? That's right, buy a pair of glasses and get another one (of cheaper price) for free, plus a RM50 voucher. That means, if we buy a pair worth Rm1000, we can get another worth up to RM999.99! That's such a crazy promotion and it's happening right until end of the month.

Not to miss out on this promo, my mom and me got ourselves a pair each :D I hope other shops would follow their footsteps to show the spirit of Mega Sale :P Oh yes, got myself work clothes and a pair of shoes to give a good impression on my first day of work. I hope it works ;)

1 comment:

hausaki said...

all the best on ur first day of work....