Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Awakening

So there I was, sound asleep on a cool Thursday morning when my phone rang at 8.30. I tried my best to control my sleepy voice but I guess it didn't work. It was this person from TV3 asking me to come for an interview at 10 am : Even with the short notice, I got there about 20 minutes early..I'm so proud of myself :P (It also helps that I stay just 3 minutes away from Sri Pentas..hehe..)

To be honest, I wasn't sure what this interview was for, since I was "offered" 2 posts in TV3. I thought it was for the management trainee but I was asked a whole lot of questions on presentating stuff. I was afraid to ask them for they might see me as not being certained..hehe. But the interview went quite well. So for whatever job that I was interviewed for, I hope I will get it :D

I have to prepare for another interview later in the evening. What did I say about interviews being seasonal? :)

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