Sunday, August 29, 2004

Around KL & Selangor in 1 day much has happened today..

12 noon
Mer reached my place and then we made our way to Ampang for a wedding. The groom is a tutor in MMU while the bride is an MMU graduate (my batch, I assume she's my age). Met many of my coursemates. Now that we've graduated, I don't meet them that often anymore. I predict we'll meet again at someone else's wedding :D

At the wedding - credits to Naza ( Standing: Me, Kak Yati; Sitting: Mas, Naza, Teena)

3 pm
Went to Sha's place for her brother's wedding. The other chicks were there way earlier that we did. Mun and Heydeq had already left by the time we got there while the twins and Alia patiently waited for us. So sweet of them.. *muax*

4 pm
Took a break before proceeding with our next agenda. He was at the reading room downstairs to do some work while I made some sandwiches and did some reading.

8.30 pm
Went to Hanz's place for a BBQ. I brought along the sandwiches I did earlier since the desserts and snacks were potluck. I helped around here and there while watching F1. Yess..Schumacher was overtaken AND he didn't win first place. Muahahaha! >:)

10.15 pm
Went to Mer's place while waiting for my bro to pick me up. His mom gave some fruits and such for me to bring home. I hope I get this right..the fruit is called Buah Salak, one which I've never tried before. I'm sure it's nice ;)

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