Monday, August 09, 2004

Andrea my idol :D

Spent my day at Sunway Pyramid with my niece, Intan. We went bowling and watched Catwoman. I realised that this cat in the movie, named Midnight, is exactly like Becky's mom. If only I presuaded my parents well enough to keep her :( Oh well, at least I know that she's happy with the countless kittens that she gave birth to.

I bought The Corrs's new CD (at last!). All the songs are nice! I've always wanted to become like Andrea Corr (well, that's something new to most of you :P). I believe we are about the same height, same black hair and we're able to play the piano. Errr...that's about it I think..hehe! I can't sing like her either though :(

I've always wanted to take up flute lessons (Andrea plays tin whistle, so it's similar :P) but I haven't got myself to start just yet. I already have a flute at home which I don't know how to create any sound with. Before you laugh at me, let me just clarify that it's not as easy as it seems! There's a certain technique to make the sound come out.

OK, next aim (besides getting a job): Take up flute lessons :D

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