Sunday, July 04, 2004

What sports?

This whole week, I only left the house 3 times. The rest of the time I was at home in front of the pc. Yes, I don't do much sports :P

I remember the time when it was a MUST for me to go out every evening. I would never miss doing some kind of sport back then. Let me recall..I did some cycling (with chun chick Alia hitching a ride), badminton (used my neighbour's gate as the net), netball (with all my chun friends at school), field hockey (we girls had the chance to play at the Tun Razak Stadium though we weren't all that good). One girl once hit my leg with a full swing of her hockey stick when my shin guard had earlier gone out of place. The lump didn't go away for months. I remember Alia being hit by the ball on her head *ouch* She must've had a massive headache.

The most interesting of all, I once played football at school during a match between form 5 classes. It was so much fun coz all girls didn't know how to play and were making fool of ourselves. I guess the guys had more fun laughing at us..haha!

My favourite of all - rollerblading. My dad bought me a pair of rollerblades in 1992 (I was 10 that time). It was considered as an upgrade for me coz I used to play with the then 9-year-old rollerskates that once belong to my brothers. I had a group of friends who joined me every evening to go around the playground. I was so into it that I even entered a few races that were held around KL. I once entered a marathon that started at the Merdeka Square and ended at the Lake Garden. It was nice having a chance to blade on the usually-busy-road (don't know the name) instead of being in a car. It was a big deal for me coz I hardly join marathons ;)

The movie that inspired me as a rollerblader was Airborn and Mighty Ducks 1-3. There were a lot of rollerblade stunts that I attempted to follow. Believe it or not, used to jump over stairs along the shoplots here in TTDI and I never broke a bone :D

Those movies also got me started to rollerhockey. I used to join some of the guys back then at the TTDI badminton court (now a community hall). One time I was playing at the parking lot as a practice session for a game against some other team. The goaly reached out his hockey stick and I just happened to go pass it and puffff! - I fell like on the ground Superman style. Did I mention that the only protective gear I had on were a pair of old knee-pads that didn't protect much? I think that was the worse one - I still have the scar as a reminder. But that little accident didn't stop me from playing the next day :D

Back to the present. Now that I have a lot of free time, I still play games - Yahoo games that is :D The last time I did some kind of sport was in February this year, where I decided to join the Faculty of IT netball team for MMU's Sports Carnival. That's because I didn't want to regret later on for not participating in outdoor sports during my university life. That day (final sem of my final year) was the first time I went to the field in my 3 years being in MMU Cyberjaya. Well, it's never too late for anything :)

So when am I gonna start working out again? I don't know for certain. Maybe when I start gaining unneccessary weight. As for now, I don't think it's critical enough. Or is it?

Before I end, I have a birthday wish to make. This time to my friend, Iskandar "The Dewa" Shah.. ;)
Happy 22nd Birthday, Is!

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