Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Puteri Gunung Ledang

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Check out this Puteri Gunung Ledang trailer. Wowww..I'm very impressed with the cinematography. It's like watching LOTR with Malaysian actors minus the fictitious characters. They have those fight/battle scenes with kris (Malaysian version of a sword) and horses and all. The synopsis as written in the website is lengthy, so here's how it goes, in short: 

Princess of Majapahit fell in love with Melaka's great warrior, Hang Tuah. She left her palace and sailed across the sea with hopes to reunite with him.
Back home, Majapahit was attacked by Kingdom of Demak. Princess's brother (who happens to be the king), offers the princess's hand in marriage to the prince of Demak. But since she's not around, it's impossible to do so.
His plan B to defend Majapahit was to make an alliance (ala- Survivor) with the Melaka Sultanate by offering his sister's hand in marriage to the Sultan (I guess we can see now that the Majapahit king isn't a very nice person).
The princess of course doesn't agree to marry him but then the Sultan doesn't accept rejection. He sent Hang Tuah to head the royal delegation and to propose on his behalf (of all people). The lovestruck couple finally met. Being the loyal person he is, Hang Tuah must obey the Sultan (boo hoo).
The princess agrees to marry the Sultan (she doesn't have any other choice, does she?) ONLY IF he can solve 7 riddles. One of the riddles requires the Sultan to sacrifice his son's life. So how desperate is he to marry her? We'll just hafta wait and see..

I predict that the Princess and Hang Tuah will live happily ever after like in them fairy tales OR they will die together like Romeo & Juliet. There is also a cameo appearance by Dian Sastrowardoyo, the girl from AADC. 

I look forward to watching it. It's not often that I watch local movies, so this shall be the select few..just like Buli. This one also has princesses..characters that I adore :D

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