Thursday, July 08, 2004

Princess Iryn ;)

Watch Prince & Me with Idaura today. It's a rather draggy chick-flick with an expected storyline. Here's how it goes (skip to the last 2 paragraphs if you're planning to watch this movie)..

Prince who wants to live a normal kid's life meets girl - they fall in love - kantoi that he's a prince - she feels cheated and walks away - suddenly realises she's making a big mistake - went on the next plane to the prince's country - he proposed - they live happily ever after.

That was what I thought..but it didn't end there.

She has to prepare to be queen since the prince is gonna takeover the country, can't cope with the pressure and decides to back out - she walks away(again) - oops, toilet break *blushes* - the credits roll in with them stuck in a liplock in the background. Oh no, movie ended!

Idaura filled me in: This time the prince comes back for her and says a rather corny line that goes something like: "I'll wait for you to be ready as a queen no matter how long it takes." - The End

I'm rather intrigued with the royal life. I don't know how the local royals are like, but I like the idea of living in a castle, wearing nice clothes, beautiful jewelry, being served 24/7, being royally-prim-and-proper at dining tables, go horseback riding on my white horse named Dutchess at the royal ranch..oops, I just entered the daydream-zone *snapping out of it*

As a young kid, I was very much influced by Disney's princesses. I even played Umbrella Princess(Puteri Payung) at my kindergarten play..haha! Now I'm still a sucker for royal-like movies like Princess Diaries and this one. Other chick-flicks to look out for are Princess Diaries 2 and Ella Enchanted - both staring Anne Hathaway ;)

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