Monday, July 12, 2004

An Interview With The Professor

I made it all the way to Malacca early this morning for an interview with MMU's President, Prof. Ghauth Jasmon, and 2 other observers. I got there at 9.30 a.m.(1/2 an hour late) and just in time too coz they were about to start the interview with the first person.

There were about a dozen people there, mostly MMU Malacca graduates from my batch. I met my old roomie, Zaisharimah. We were roomies during my Foundation Studies in Malacca Campus. Haven't met her since I left, which was more than 3 years ago. It was nice seeing her again :)

The interview took place in this meeting room with a bit of glass at the door. So we (those waiting for our turn) could see their expression. We couldn't exactly listen to what they were saying but they laughed a lot throughout all the interviews. We wondered what was so funny. We inquired those who were already interviewed about the questions they asked. So they shared their experience and most of them said,"Banyak mengarut." (a lot of nonsense)

I was the last person in, which was around 1.45 p.m. I was hungry, cold and tired of waiting but brushed it all off once I stepped into the room. The interview started with the basic questions, like: Are you interested in this position?

There was a piece of paper in front of me with 2 questions that I have to answer. The first question was the interesting one: (long explanation about US's power compared to Malaysia's.) If you were to advice the PM about making Malaysia more powerful than US, what would it be?

So I fried(goreng) a lot about education (just to stay relevant). Then he said,"US has 11 times more people than us. How can the country increase the population?" I knew where he was heading to coz the others were asked the same question too. So I gave some suggestions from making more babies to having more match making companies. He asked how many children should a family have on average and I suggested 6 (just to exaggerrate). He asked further,"So you're gonna have 6 children?" I replied,"Kalau larat" (If I can manage) and that got them laughing :P

When I ran out of ideas on ways to increase population, I said polygamy (that was what he wanted to hear, as informed by the others). He asked about the kind of husband I want and if I would agree if he were to practice polygamy. He was suprised by my answer coz I said I would agree. If I didn't, then he might leave me for the other person which would make things a lot worse for the kids (if any).

Overall I would say that it went well. I think they only wanted to see how we handle the questions. That's why there weren't many serious ones. And tomorrow's another day filled with job-opportunity-related activities. Wish me luck ;)

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