Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I Start My Day With TV3

Made my way across the LDP to TV3 this morning. I thought it was gonna be a straight forward audition. But it turns out, I had to fill in a questionnaire, take a short IQ test and write an essay about myself.

After all those were done, went for my make up *blink*blink*

Then it was time for the audition. I was given a choice to read(news)in English or Malay. I chose the English text. When I got in the audition room (wearing the jacket provided earlier), they got the mic on me and I sat on a news-like set. The person in charge, Nizal, asked some questions and then requested that I read in Malay also. I only had 2 minutes to read through it and then they started shooting. I was obviously nervous, so there were a few mispronounced words that I HOPE was forgivable.

Then I moved to the set next to it, where I had to present an entertainment show in English and a Malay show called 'Remaja'. The English one was quite ok I think coz I did it before :D I had to do it twice though coz I was less lively the first time around(an effect from the nervousness :P). I was totally not prepared for Remaja, so I asked for a lil bit more time to prepare. When the camera started rolling, I have no idea what I said coz everything seemed to have jumbled up. I requested for a reshoot :P To my suprise, it went well without any jumbling words :D

Just as I was about to cool down from the audition, I was called in for an interview. I wasn't as nervous but still rather excited from the audition that somehow the interviewer said that she noticed that I wasn't being myself. So I took a deep breath and cool myself down before proceeding.

Once that was over, I made my way home for lunch. I have an English test to attend to, also at TV3, at 3 today. They postponed the Mensa test to another day. I don't know what to revise for this test. I hope my current understanding of English is sufficient ;)

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