Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Great Convocation Day

Yeaaaaa...I've officially graduated!! It was a veeeeery meaningful day for me. Read on to find the link to the photos..

7.40 am - Made my way to Malacca.
It was  raining all the way. Good thing the traffic wasn't that bad.

9.30 am - Rehearsal/Briefing
I was 1/2 an hour late but I didn't miss that much though. I managed to find Idaura and the rest in the crowded hall.

10.45 am - Eating time/Robe collection
It was raining outside so we hung around the hall before making our way. I was in the car with Aya and Idaura. We conveyed 4 cars to an early lunch at this place called Lot something. Then went to get our robe at MMU.

2.30 pm - 2nd eating time
Went to Jaya Jusco with my parents. They had lunch while I had dessert. Mom did a bit of shopping and I bought myself a Peach Tart from Delifrance (yumm..)

9.30 pm - Dinner time with whole family
My brothers reached Malacca and we went out to find a place for dinner. We went round town looking for a nice place to eat while enjoying the view of Malacca at night time. Most places were closed and some weren't to our liking, so we went to this mamak place near MMU instead.

11 pm - Panic! Panic!!
I was getting everything ready for the next morning. I'm not going into detail with this one to avoid any trouble :P Lets just say something happened to the robe. But housekeeping isn't available til 7 the next morning. In much panicness, I called Idaura who was staying in A'Famosa Resort. She had some stuff that I needed to overcome this little trouble and thought I could go over to her place to get them. Unfortunately, she was still using it. With no more options, I had to wait until the next morning.

2 am - Still awake
Don't know why I couldn't get myself to sleep. It could be because of the anxiety, fear of being in trouble (robe) or the snoring by one of my family members :P

6 am - Got ready
While getting ready, I was thinking that Mer should be on the way by now. He took the bus from MMU Cyberjaya. He was offered to attend the convocation by the Assistant Dean but said that he didn't get to be on stage though.

7 am  - Called housekeeping
7.03 am - Housekeeping came! Yayyy!
7.25 am - Damage repaired
7.30 am - Off to Dewan Seri Negeri
7.50 am - Got a seat in the hall

8.15 am - Grand entrance by the representatives of the faculty
Those people were in blue robes, walking elegantly from the entrance to the stage. Wait a minute, who's that? To my suprise, it's MY MER! He said he didn't get to go on stage, but what was he doing there? Hahaha..I guess he was there to suprise me. Oh well, it worked alright ;)

9.50 am - My turn, my turn!
I made sure I looked OK, put on a smile and received my E-scroll from our Chancellor, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah :D Yayyyyyy! I tried to glance over to Mer but I couldn't find him amongst the other lecturers..hehe..

10.15 am - It's done
Joi was the last person to get his E-scroll and received a loud cheer from the crowd (that's the advantage of being last). He waved the E-scroll to the crowd and received a louder applause.

10.30 am - Pictures, pictures and more pictures!
After leaving the hall, I looked around for my family and found my brothers. I received a bunch of flowers from them :D We were then on a mission to locate my parents. After locating them, we took a few pictures. Mer was still no where in sight. I called him up and it turns out he was looking around for flowers..hahaha! A few minutes later, he turned up bringing a huge bouquet. I have 2! :D Spent the next hour taking pictures with many friends. Click on the picture above to see all pictures taken.

11.45 am - Check out
We finally left the convocation area to check out from the hotel. While packing, we had some snacks and Mer had Nescafe that mom made ;)

12.30 pm - Back to MMU
The 6 of us went for lunch at Ayer Keroh Golf and Country Club before going to MMU. I took my REAL E-Scroll, a studio photo of myself and returned the robe while Mer accompanied me. I was so worried that they might find something wrong with the robe. Good thing they weren't that observant and I received my RM100 deposit! Phewww..
Bought myself the VCD of that morning's session (they're really fast, aren't they?).

2.30 pm - Back home
We finally made our way back to KL. My brothers drove a separate car while Mer and me went with my parents. About half way through, my dad swerved all of a sudden. It turns out he was sleepy and thought that there was a car coming from the front. Mer offered to drive since my mom and me were both sleepy as well. So there it was, Mer on the driver's seat, me at the passenger's seat and my parents at the back.

4 pm - Granny's
We stopped at my granny's place to fetch my maid. We had tea and cokodok :D

5.30 pm - Everyone's back
We reached home and relaxed in front of the TV. Mer was waiting for his brother to fetch him but he was kinna busy with his friends.

8.45 pm - Mer's family
Since his brother took some time to get here, his mom and sister came to fetch him instead. I invited them for dinner over here ;) They stayed a bit longer to watch the Akademi Fantasia concert. It was nice,  8 of us watching it together while having some coffee and dessert :D

11 pm - Nice end to a nice day
Mer left with his family and I watched Something About Mary before surrendering to my comfy bed.

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