Wednesday, July 14, 2004

English Proficiency Test

I attended the English Proficiency test at TV3 yesterday with 4 other girls. They have attended the interview and done the Mensa test. I wonder why I was offered later than them? By the way, does anyone know the job scope of a management trainee?

The test consists of Comprehension, Grammar, Writing and Oral. Most of the MCQs (Multiple Choice Question) were answerable and I fried all I can for the written part.

While we did our test, the examiner called us out of the room one at a time for the oral test. That got me thinking of the MUET speaking test. But this one was totally different. All we did was talk about normal stuff like family, boyfriend, university life and on a more serious note, my view about Noritta Samsudin.

My brothers were at work and my parents weren't able to fetch me, so I asked for a lift from Alia (who is also unemployed like mua ;) ). Her bf drove. That was the fiirsstt time I saw him although I've heard so much about him. We stopped for a drink at Jasema, my old favourite drinking place during school years, coz they promised to meet some friends there. It brought back good old memories of those years when Alia and me would go there every evening without miss. The waiter(sounds classy) that used to wait on us still works there after all these years.


Anonymous said...

Management trainee..yeah normally it's kind of training for the fresh grad sorf of internship programme.BUT if you receive better offer with better position then u have to consider it.Because what i've experienced during my mgmt trainee programme..*sucks* like kuli u have to do other ppl's filing..admin task and i did the training in one of the stesen tv too..!! (tv3?c9?rtm?ntv?? whatever..) u know..u have to go back late..9pm?10pm? (it's tv what do u expect 9-6pm?nopee..sumtimes u have to worked on weekend!) being paid late reasons? bcoz they have to wait for the commercials u have to sacrifice all these..yeah it was a good to learned many things..but it's just (indah khabar dr rupe) that the word to describe.The same thing i heard from other mgmt trainee (other company).that's the job scope i think? ***nway good luck!


Irin said... was really that bad eh? I shall keep all that in mind. Thank you very2 much. ;)

Anonymous said...

yes irin..and i was like..when will all this things going to end?like tak sabar to finish the training..anddd ur status of mgmt trainee is like 50-50..u didn't know ur status either permanent or temporary..when the contract is nearly over it's like u have to look for backup job *again* (bcoz ur status is 50-50 absorb or not being absorbed) goshh.. :( but now i'm happy with my current job and had enough of dis training thing (not so say that i am good enough) BUT at least now my job is 'terjamin' with the 'permanent'title.