Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Chicks' Day

I met my chicky friends from school today. I initiated this get-together just to break away from the norm coz we usually go out to Uptown or Dharoos (a famous mamak place in DU). It was held at Alia's place since my house isn't big enough.

The menu:
Fried Rice (contributed by Alia)
Spagetti Bolognese (by Munirah)
Pasta (by me)
Tiramisu (by Heydeq)
One reason I decided to do this is because we hardly hang out like that. This is also a way to celebrate Alia's, Ina's and my graduation, not forgetting as to welcome Heydeq from UK. We would usually hang out at each other's place only during raya. Even so, we don't get the privilege to make that much noise (we girls are rather loud :P) or talk about things that we prefer to be said just amongst us without other people eavesdropping on us.
Today's get-together was what I imagined it to be. It was nice coz it's just the 7 of us chicks hanging out,  girl-talking all the way without a worry in the world :) We shared really interesting stories that I'm not gonna mention here since it is private and confidential..hehe!
Who knows when we'll get this chance again. Oh wait, we did plan another get-together soon where we'll stay overnight at some place. Weee..I can't wait! :D 

(Us chicks outside Alia's house. From left: Ina, Me, Alia, Sha, Mun, Ilin, Heydeq)

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