Saturday, July 10, 2004

Another agenda on the calender

I received another phone call from TV3 at 8 p.m. yesterday (they work hard ey?). This time I have to attend 2 tests, English and Mensa. They just happen to be on the same day as the audition. Apparently, this is for management training and has nothing to do with the audition. So when Tuesday comes, I'll be spending my day at TV3. Auditioning in the morning and sitting for tests in the evening.

I just confirmed my attendance for MMU's interview. I'll be leaving for Malacca first thing early Monday morning. I wonder what kind of questions they will ask. I hope nothing on general knowledge or those technical stuff..I'm no good at them. I bet they'll ask questions like how I can contribute to the university or my expectations and stuff like that. Gotta get myself prepared with a good and professionally-interesting answers :D