Thursday, July 08, 2004

Additional notes for the day

I'm a BIIIG fan of 8TV and last week I decided to send my resume to them just in case they have any kind of vacancies. I received a call from TV3 (their parent company) this evening, asking me to come for an audition next week. Eek! I was so shocked that I forgot to ask what it is for. This kinna reminds me of that Channel 9 incident. I shall call them up soon so that I get all the details clear and not make the same mistake again.

A few nights ago, I had a chat with my friend, Rahmat, the heir to my throne back then(I'm referring to Bowling Club President's post..hehe). He's this boyband-looking, rugby-playing guy with an pretty good sense of humour. I don't have his picture though, but if anyone's interested, please lemme know coz he's blaming his singleness to me for I don't know what reason..ehehe!
Actually, he reminded me to mention his name in here. So there you go, Rahmat. I've mentioned it, twice even! :P

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