Thursday, July 22, 2004

2 more days :D

Early tomorrow morning I'll be on my way to Malacca..woohoo! +

Sorry about that, it's my cat trying to say 'hi'..hehe. Aaaanyways, everything's set for the convo and I just can't wait! My dad got back this morning and is going about his everyday tasks already. My attire is just waiting for me and the camera's battery is fully charged :D

Look out for my post on Saturday/Sunday, where I'll share every single detail about the convo..not forgetting pictures too ;)

While I'm here, might as well share this moment with y'all..

That's my cat, Becky, after her attempt to handle the computer. She can't type (look at her attempt earlier), she can't help playing around with the mouse and she bites the speakers. She might as well sit on the monitor and look cute :P

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