Sunday, June 27, 2004

Wrong day to stay away from OU

My niece came over again to hang out today (yesterday rather). Since we went to OU for the last 2 times, I thought why not go some place else? I was getting really bored with OU. So we went to Sunway for a movie and lunch. Got a call from Idaura at night, she mentioned that she went to OU and Ruffedge happened to make a performance over there. sad! I've been there so many times for the past few months but nothing interesting happened. Just when I thought of staying away, then they decided to perform. I bet it would've been fun coz according to her, they performed quite a number of songs. Actually, I would've known about it if I made an effort of visiting their website. Mind you, I'm not a fanatic kinna fan please :P I don't drool over their pictures or scream/cry/faint when I see them perform. I'm interesting mainly in their music coz it's so my taste :) Though I hope the next album would be more RnB than the current one.

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