Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Supervisor dearest..

Went to MMU yesterday to meet up with my FYP supervisor, Mr. Sharaf. Mom sent me to Lara's work place at 5, we went to MMU together and met up with Lartz over there. It felt kinna awkward at first coz that was the first time we met him for non-academic purpose. We chit-chated for about an hour or so. I have so much respect for him coz he is 1 of 3 lecturers that I consider being in the league of their own. He's one very busy hardworking lecturer and a very loving father as well. He has pictures of his kids in the office and drawings done by them. He was so excited telling us that he has another baby girl. Oh yeah, we gave him his gift and he liked it *yay!*. He said, "It's innovative." We bought him a huge clear plastic calender (that can be used for any month and any year), with each day, date and month having its own pocket to insert notes (or anything else that matters). After meeting him yesterday, I feel like I have been wasting my time *duh* and I could use this time to learn up some other skills that are essential for today's job prospect. And yes, I will start looking around for a job soon :P I'm not gonna bore you with all the details. Now I'm all pumped up to prepare myself for working life :D

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