Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Spring cleaning uncovers many lost memories

I spent the whole day cleaning up my room. Not that it's a mess or anything :P I cleared up my cupboards of any unused items. One thing that I'm glad I found is this shoebox that is filled with letters and cards that I received from family and friends since I was in Form 1. I could spend the whole day reading all of them.
Anyways, below is a list of some of the things I found:

1. "Triangle" letters from my close school friends (Back then we wrote to each other, folded the paper into a pretty triangular shape and passed it during recess).

2. A whole lot of Hari Raya cards from school friends.

3. A whole lot of Birthday cards from family and friends.

4. "Monkey Love" letters from 7-8 years ago (haha!)

5. Snailmails that I received from some penpals. (I didn't make the effort of replying that often)

6. Snailmails from friends that were studying quite far away (Muna & Shamin).

7. Snailmails that I received from friends when I was studying in Matrix Kuala Pilah.

8. A whole lot of pictures (interesting discovery: Found a group picture from this camp I went to in 1996 and one of them happens to be Mer's sister)

9. My school magazine that I thought was missing.

10. A case filled with diskettes of DOS-based games from approximately 13 years ago.

11. All my original SPM papers!

12. My high school report card! (Woah, towards the end, it was filled with red ink. Good thing I came out well in the end.)

I was so swept away with all the memories that I gave chun chick Mun a call to let her know about my discoveries. I felt even more excited to clean up my room hoping to find some other interesting things :D

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