Wednesday, June 09, 2004

OU my 2nd home

I've been to OU everyday since last Wednesday, except for Saturday. That's how free I am..haha! Today, or yesterday rather - Tuesday, bought a lot of movie tickets for Wednesday's show. The line was suprisingly long for a weekday - it reached slightly further than the escalator. I waited in line for what felt like forever, then bought these tickets for tomorrow:

Harry Potter - for my aunt and her 4 kids
COATDQ (figure that out :P ) - for my niece and me
The Day After Tomorrow - for my parents :x

Gave the lady a headache with our demands..hehe. Well, too bad for her. They should've activated the online/phone booking :P Anyways, after that we surveyed some clothes that I might wanna wear for the convocation. Can't wait for the day :)

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