Sunday, June 13, 2004

One of em BBQs

I wonder..if people take one look at me, do I look like a person who would try out for Malaysian Idol? Coz I just got back from a family BBQ and 3-4 of my relatives asked me that..oh yeah, not forgetting the favourite question,"When are you getting married?" Most of them ladies were hanging out at the TV area to catch the AF concert. I had no other choice but to join in. I think Malaysian Idol would produce better singers than AF (no offence AF lovers). When I get bored, I go outside to have a chat with my other relatives. I have this uncle who calls me his 'favourite niece' :D One time, he sort of "interviewed" Mer to see if he's suitable for me..haha! Good thing he didn't bully him or anything :P

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