Monday, June 21, 2004

Not again :|

It's F1 weekend again. Not gonna comment about Ferrari pls.. :P
Yes it was a rather kalut race where less than half of them finished the race.
When the safety car came out for the 2nd time, why didn't Button and Sato enter the pit?? They had more than 10 minutes to do so! The pitted a few laps after the safety car left..bad move :| Luck is not on his side this time, Button's BAR loss its engine power. But a very good and aggresive race by Sato. Got on the podeum for the first time. :)
Ralf Schumacher was sent to hospital where it was confirmed he had suffered nothing worse than bruising. He will be kept in overnight as a precautionary measure.
Juan Pablo Montoya was black flagged for what was described as a breach of article 85 of the FIA sporting regulations - joining the race in a spare car after the driver had not left the grid within 15 seconds of the start.

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