Saturday, June 19, 2004

Itchy fingers

Aaargh..can't stand it much longer! This is the longest time I haven't been online. I bet you've noticed through the absents of my posts lately. First, my dial-up account's credit has finished. Second, I'm still waiting for the Streamyx people to come set it up. By the way, I still qualify for the student's promotion where I get some free stuff :P
Out of desperation, I'm now online using MMU's's a lil bit expensive though. I haven't been playing Yahoo games for the past few nights like I always did. I've been in front of the TV most of the time (watched many reruns) and finished reading a book titled," Confessions of a Shopaholic". Besides that, I haven't been out much nor did anything much, except for yesterday where I did spend some time to install network card to 2 other PCs at home, shifted my PC to another location, formatted my PC and played Spider Solitaire. Oh yeah, I've been finishing the cookies, chocolates and icecreams at home :D Gee..I really would love some cake..*yumm*

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