Monday, June 28, 2004

Hip Hop Movie (on) Sale (for) Well wishes

(Mind the's just one of my combined titles)

Went to OU with Idaura yesterday. We thought of watching The Day After Tomorrow (kinna outdated). Since it has been showing for quite some time, we thought the tickets would still be available, but we were wrong. So we bought tickets for today instead. Since we were there (and spent 1/2 an hour looking for a parking space), we decided to hang out for a while. Managed to catch Teh Tarik Crew's performance. Many hip-hopers were there too, hanging out in groups looking cool with their hip hop style. But they're not bothering anyone else neither were being all loud so that everyone could hear them, so it was cool ;) There's a sale at MNG Well, it's a big deal for us girls coz there were discounts store-wide. I met the chun twins there too, going crazy with all the cheap stuff..hehe.
Anyways, this morning I went to OU (again) to watch the movie. Pretty made me feel all cold in there (or maybe it was the aircond?). We thought we will be the only 2 people watching, but there were roughly about 30++. That got me wondering, don't they have to work? Or maybe they're unemployed like us?
Today is my good old friend's birthday..

Happy 20++ Birthday Moonaa!
May she stay cute and bubbly forever :)
Oh yeah, not forgetting chun chick Heydeq just got back from UK a few days ago.

Well come home, Heydeq!

She makes the best Tiramisu I've ever tasted *hint*hint*drool* We shall meet up soon ya ;)

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