Friday, June 04, 2004


Last night went to Uptown with the chicks inconjunction with Sha's birthday. Alia and me rushed to OU to get her gift before that. Lately, their favourite topic is: marriage. I'm the one who is always pressured but I still keep my cool :P
This evening went to OU to hang out with Idaura coz she just got back from Penang yesterday. We satisfied our craving for icecream at this place called 'Julius'. Yumm.. And I bought myself another book :D While we were walking around, I bumped into my friends from school, Ezran and Faizal(don't know him that well though). Ezran just graduated from MMU also but weird thing is, we've never seen each other in campus before. A few moments after that we met Zaim (better known as Ame). A pretty good friend of mine during school years. He kinna reminds me of Prince Charming from Shrek 2, minus the straight blond hair and the mat salleh fair skin..haha! Oh yeah, yesterday was his birthday..Happy Belated Birthday, Ame!
Not forgetting Sha's birthday today, Happy Birthday Sha! ;)

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