Wednesday, June 23, 2004

FL and MI don't go together very well

Actually, I posted this at 8TV's forum :

The first thing that came out of my mouth when I knew Fauziah Latiff was selected as one of the Malaysian Idol judges: "What??!" :O

I was SO looking forward for MI coz I knew that it's gonna be a blast, but now that she's a judge, it somewhat doesn't bring the show to a higher level like what I expected :( Well she has the experience, no doubt about that. But she doesn't have the ability to give comments all that well. I also realize that her vocabulary is limited and she usually starts her comment with,"I agree with Roslan/Paul.."
I remember one show when Roslan said 'Yes' to one contestant while Paul said 'No' and it was up to her to make the decision, she just couldn't decide and asked for some time to discuss with the guys.

I bet the show would be livelier if Anita Sawarak judges, though she may be busy with her talk show, cooking show and who knows what other shows. Most of the other good female singers are out of the question too coz most of them are busy people.

I say Francisca Peter would be a better choice. She's got a lot of experience and she would add the multi-racial value. ;)


Naza said...

I remember 1 of the contestant (chinese gurl yg tak puas hati - audition kat kuching) so damn berani ye. Tak de gaya nk jadi star pun. Dia mcm tak tahu malu aje.

Irin said...

Haah, gaya that girl cam ade screw loose aje..very the weird.