Wednesday, June 30, 2004

A dangerous world we're living in

At my place, visitors hafta leave their IC at the guard post. This afternoon when I was at home alone with the maid, a security guard dropped by. He was holding an IC of a chinese man and asked if that person came to my place. We didn't have any visitors today. That person told the guards that he was visiting my unit - no names mentioned, just the unit number. My guess is that he seemed suspicious which made the guards double check.
I told my parents about it when they got home and my dad followed up with the guard. He said they tracked the person going to many different floors, from 15th floor down to 2nd. They found him at the 2nd floor and chased him out of the premises. Maybe in time before he got the chance to do whatever he had planned in his twisted mind.
Bravo to the dedicated guards of Sri TTDI Condominium! They may have just saved the day. Alhamdulillah..

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