Wednesday, June 30, 2004

A dangerous world we're living in

At my place, visitors hafta leave their IC at the guard post. This afternoon when I was at home alone with the maid, a security guard dropped by. He was holding an IC of a chinese man and asked if that person came to my place. We didn't have any visitors today. That person told the guards that he was visiting my unit - no names mentioned, just the unit number. My guess is that he seemed suspicious which made the guards double check.
I told my parents about it when they got home and my dad followed up with the guard. He said they tracked the person going to many different floors, from 15th floor down to 2nd. They found him at the 2nd floor and chased him out of the premises. Maybe in time before he got the chance to do whatever he had planned in his twisted mind.
Bravo to the dedicated guards of Sri TTDI Condominium! They may have just saved the day. Alhamdulillah..

Monday, June 28, 2004

Hip Hop Movie (on) Sale (for) Well wishes

(Mind the's just one of my combined titles)

Went to OU with Idaura yesterday. We thought of watching The Day After Tomorrow (kinna outdated). Since it has been showing for quite some time, we thought the tickets would still be available, but we were wrong. So we bought tickets for today instead. Since we were there (and spent 1/2 an hour looking for a parking space), we decided to hang out for a while. Managed to catch Teh Tarik Crew's performance. Many hip-hopers were there too, hanging out in groups looking cool with their hip hop style. But they're not bothering anyone else neither were being all loud so that everyone could hear them, so it was cool ;) There's a sale at MNG Well, it's a big deal for us girls coz there were discounts store-wide. I met the chun twins there too, going crazy with all the cheap stuff..hehe.
Anyways, this morning I went to OU (again) to watch the movie. Pretty made me feel all cold in there (or maybe it was the aircond?). We thought we will be the only 2 people watching, but there were roughly about 30++. That got me wondering, don't they have to work? Or maybe they're unemployed like us?
Today is my good old friend's birthday..

Happy 20++ Birthday Moonaa!
May she stay cute and bubbly forever :)
Oh yeah, not forgetting chun chick Heydeq just got back from UK a few days ago.

Well come home, Heydeq!

She makes the best Tiramisu I've ever tasted *hint*hint*drool* We shall meet up soon ya ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Wrong day to stay away from OU

My niece came over again to hang out today (yesterday rather). Since we went to OU for the last 2 times, I thought why not go some place else? I was getting really bored with OU. So we went to Sunway for a movie and lunch. Got a call from Idaura at night, she mentioned that she went to OU and Ruffedge happened to make a performance over there. sad! I've been there so many times for the past few months but nothing interesting happened. Just when I thought of staying away, then they decided to perform. I bet it would've been fun coz according to her, they performed quite a number of songs. Actually, I would've known about it if I made an effort of visiting their website. Mind you, I'm not a fanatic kinna fan please :P I don't drool over their pictures or scream/cry/faint when I see them perform. I'm interesting mainly in their music coz it's so my taste :) Though I hope the next album would be more RnB than the current one.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Ban Malaysian Idol?

What's wrong with having an innocent talent show? Tsk tsk.. [Read Article]

Boyz II Men cancels Indonesian concert over US travel warning

Boyz II Men are most gonna make a concert over here somewhere within the next 2 months.
Anyways, below is an article about the recent cancelation.

JAKARTA (AFP) - American R and B group Boyz II Men has cancelled its scheduled concert in Jakarta after the United States warned of terrorist threats in Indonesia during the election period, the concert promoter said.

Boyz II Men were scheduled to perform in Jakarta on June 25 but concert promoter Original Production said in a statement that the gig was off due to the travel warning.

The statement said the group's management would reschedule the concert but no new date had been set.

Last month American hip hop diva Missy Elliott cancelled her Jakarta concert, also after the US warned of potential terrorist attacks in Indonesia.

But the rock band Linkin Park, also from the US, defied the warning and performed in front of thousands of fans in Jakarta last Sunday.

The US State Department warned Wednesday that the Al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah could stage attacks, including on Western targets, to disrupt the July 5 presidential poll in Indonesia.

"The Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and other similar terrorist groups might use these elections as opportune occasions to conduct attacks," according to an updated advisory.

"The potential remains for violence and terrorist actions against US citizens and interests throughout the country," it said, urging Americans to defer all non-essential travel to Indonesia.

Australia, Canada and Britain have also issued warnings against non-essential travel to Indonesia, citing potential terror threats.

Flashing BULI

Don't be fooled by the title of this post :P I've spent 1 and a 1/2 days doing some simulations using Flash, as a favour for Mer. It has been a while since I had anything to do. I finished it at 3.30 this morning but I still feel like I wanna put some finishing touches. I think I'm the type that won't stop enhancing stuff like this until the very last minute. It has happened a lot..but I don't mind :)

Tonight I'm going to Layar Tanchap with Idaura *yay!* Haven't met her for quite some time coz she has been back in Penang. She'll be lending me her BULI vcd *double yay!* That's if she remembers to bring it along..hehe.
I've been wanting to watch BULI ever since they showed it at the cinemas but 'someone' didn't want to join me. When that someone was convinced (by many other people) that it isn't another typical malay movie, it was too late :( But it's okay, he has made up for it ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

FL and MI don't go together very well

Actually, I posted this at 8TV's forum :

The first thing that came out of my mouth when I knew Fauziah Latiff was selected as one of the Malaysian Idol judges: "What??!" :O

I was SO looking forward for MI coz I knew that it's gonna be a blast, but now that she's a judge, it somewhat doesn't bring the show to a higher level like what I expected :( Well she has the experience, no doubt about that. But she doesn't have the ability to give comments all that well. I also realize that her vocabulary is limited and she usually starts her comment with,"I agree with Roslan/Paul.."
I remember one show when Roslan said 'Yes' to one contestant while Paul said 'No' and it was up to her to make the decision, she just couldn't decide and asked for some time to discuss with the guys.

I bet the show would be livelier if Anita Sawarak judges, though she may be busy with her talk show, cooking show and who knows what other shows. Most of the other good female singers are out of the question too coz most of them are busy people.

I say Francisca Peter would be a better choice. She's got a lot of experience and she would add the multi-racial value. ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Here Ye Here Ye! I have an announcement!

Here Ye! Here Ye! Layar Tanchap is ON for this month..

Date: 25 June 2004 (Friday)
Time: 9 pm
Venue: Rasta, TTDI
Attire: Nothing poser-like or eye-poppingly-sexy
Ticket: What ticket? It's free!

See ya there ;)

Monday, June 21, 2004

LOTR ROTK's extended version

The extended version of the final Lord of the Rings film will be released on DVD in November. Director Peter Jackson confirmed that the final cut of Return of the King had been completed, with a total running time of four hours and ten minutes(craziness). The extended version will be preceded by the DVD release of the theatrical version in May or June.

Not again :|

It's F1 weekend again. Not gonna comment about Ferrari pls.. :P
Yes it was a rather kalut race where less than half of them finished the race.
When the safety car came out for the 2nd time, why didn't Button and Sato enter the pit?? They had more than 10 minutes to do so! The pitted a few laps after the safety car left..bad move :| Luck is not on his side this time, Button's BAR loss its engine power. But a very good and aggresive race by Sato. Got on the podeum for the first time. :)
Ralf Schumacher was sent to hospital where it was confirmed he had suffered nothing worse than bruising. He will be kept in overnight as a precautionary measure.
Juan Pablo Montoya was black flagged for what was described as a breach of article 85 of the FIA sporting regulations - joining the race in a spare car after the driver had not left the grid within 15 seconds of the start.


Weee..I'm finally on Streamyx! I'm so happy :D
Now I can live normally again..hehehe..

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Itchy fingers

Aaargh..can't stand it much longer! This is the longest time I haven't been online. I bet you've noticed through the absents of my posts lately. First, my dial-up account's credit has finished. Second, I'm still waiting for the Streamyx people to come set it up. By the way, I still qualify for the student's promotion where I get some free stuff :P
Out of desperation, I'm now online using MMU's's a lil bit expensive though. I haven't been playing Yahoo games for the past few nights like I always did. I've been in front of the TV most of the time (watched many reruns) and finished reading a book titled," Confessions of a Shopaholic". Besides that, I haven't been out much nor did anything much, except for yesterday where I did spend some time to install network card to 2 other PCs at home, shifted my PC to another location, formatted my PC and played Spider Solitaire. Oh yeah, I've been finishing the cookies, chocolates and icecreams at home :D Gee..I really would love some cake..*yumm*

Monday, June 14, 2004

Disqualified?? :((

Very baaaad race last weekend :( I stayed up to watch it and kinna satisfied with Ralf's performance (although he could've at least overtook his bro). Then I read the papers, disqualified?? It was one of the best performance by Williams and it was for nothing?? Aaaargh! So frustrated! This is officially the most boring F1 season for me :|

Sunday, June 13, 2004

One of em BBQs

I wonder..if people take one look at me, do I look like a person who would try out for Malaysian Idol? Coz I just got back from a family BBQ and 3-4 of my relatives asked me that..oh yeah, not forgetting the favourite question,"When are you getting married?" Most of them ladies were hanging out at the TV area to catch the AF concert. I had no other choice but to join in. I think Malaysian Idol would produce better singers than AF (no offence AF lovers). When I get bored, I go outside to have a chat with my other relatives. I have this uncle who calls me his 'favourite niece' :D One time, he sort of "interviewed" Mer to see if he's suitable for me..haha! Good thing he didn't bully him or anything :P

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Dial up --> Streamyx

I think I overused the internet since I've been unemployed. My mom complained that the RM100 she just topped up less than a month ago is finishing (that minus the charge for the phone line). We thought of switching to Streamyx when we move but now my parents are seriously considering of switching immediately. Yay! :D

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Eight Qualities Of A Perfect Boyfriend/Husband










Yawn..Ouch! but then again..Yeahh!

I slept really late last night. I didn't even dare to look at the time before I went to bed coz I might wake up counting the hours I've slept and then feel really grogy the whole day. I was reading the book I just bought, 'Can You Keep A Secret?'. I just couldn't put it down coz it was so damn nice :D I usually read before I sleep in order to make myself sleepy, or I might stare at the ceiling the whole night trying to sleep. This worked most of the time, but not last night. The story was so interesting that I continued reading until the end. My guess is that I slept around 4-5 am. It would be nice if I could sleep in but not today. My niece came over to hang out with me. Since she came with her mom who works around my area, she got here around 8.45 am. I had to wake up at 8 and get myself ready. I had a hard time waking up but I managed to anyway. Spent the whole day at OU today (again) with my niece. Although I was wearing flats, my feet aches after 3-4 hours of walking and a movie in between. Thought of going bowling at Sunway, but since we left my house quite late, we didn't get to. Well, maybe next time.
I just checked the Convocation website a few minutes ago..Good news! Good news! The Senate FINALLY approved the graduates of Trimester 3 2003/04 (which was my trimester) and so now I can officially register and attend the convocation on 24th July 2004 at Dewan Sri Melaka, Ayer Keroh, Malacca (hint: do come :D ) Yeahhh! I'm so happyyy! I've been looking forward for this day for a long time. You know, wearing the robe over a nice formal attire and the mortarboard on my head, with the degree in my hand, not forgetting flowers and taking loads of pictures with my love ones.. *daydreams*

OU my 2nd home

I've been to OU everyday since last Wednesday, except for Saturday. That's how free I am..haha! Today, or yesterday rather - Tuesday, bought a lot of movie tickets for Wednesday's show. The line was suprisingly long for a weekday - it reached slightly further than the escalator. I waited in line for what felt like forever, then bought these tickets for tomorrow:

Harry Potter - for my aunt and her 4 kids
COATDQ (figure that out :P ) - for my niece and me
The Day After Tomorrow - for my parents :x

Gave the lady a headache with our demands..hehe. Well, too bad for her. They should've activated the online/phone booking :P Anyways, after that we surveyed some clothes that I might wanna wear for the convocation. Can't wait for the day :)

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Kitty almost human

Recently, I suggested to my parents that we get another cat to accompany mine, coz she seems lonely. I made a few phone calls and arranged to meet the person this weekend. And for the last 2 days, my cat (who has always been selling expensive-jual mahal) just couldn't keep her paws off us. I couldn't even get anything done coz I don't have the heart to disturb her very peaceful sleep on my lap. She even woke me up early this morning to snuggle with me in bed (yes2, I'm snugglable :P). It's as if she's saying,"Don't get another one." That got me thinking, could she have understood what we said? Hmm..

My first step

2 days back I finally sent some job applications. Some people I know have started work this month..they have such zest for work while I don't really know what I want to do. I just applied for what I feel I MIGHT like. Well, I guess now whether I like it or not, I have to land a job pretty soon.. :(

Friday, June 04, 2004


Last night went to Uptown with the chicks inconjunction with Sha's birthday. Alia and me rushed to OU to get her gift before that. Lately, their favourite topic is: marriage. I'm the one who is always pressured but I still keep my cool :P
This evening went to OU to hang out with Idaura coz she just got back from Penang yesterday. We satisfied our craving for icecream at this place called 'Julius'. Yumm.. And I bought myself another book :D While we were walking around, I bumped into my friends from school, Ezran and Faizal(don't know him that well though). Ezran just graduated from MMU also but weird thing is, we've never seen each other in campus before. A few moments after that we met Zaim (better known as Ame). A pretty good friend of mine during school years. He kinna reminds me of Prince Charming from Shrek 2, minus the straight blond hair and the mat salleh fair skin..haha! Oh yeah, yesterday was his birthday..Happy Belated Birthday, Ame!
Not forgetting Sha's birthday today, Happy Birthday Sha! ;)

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Leisure day

I love Wednesdays..the movies are cheap. The queue may be long if not booked before hand. Like today at GSC Mid Valley, the queue almost covered the whole GSC area. It curved towards McD, almost reaching the popcorn counters. Since I booked, it took only 2 minutes at the short booking queue :D Watched Shrek 2 by the way. Pretty cool movie and the kids in the cinema were very well behaved too..thank God! Anyways, Mer and me had lunch at Kenny Rodgers after that. Did you know that they have 10% discounts on Wednesdays if you show your used movie ticket(s)? Lucky us.. :) Bought some stuff and left early coz we wanna beat the traffic. Went to OU to continue with our shopping and reached home around 8pm :D

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Spring cleaning uncovers many lost memories

I spent the whole day cleaning up my room. Not that it's a mess or anything :P I cleared up my cupboards of any unused items. One thing that I'm glad I found is this shoebox that is filled with letters and cards that I received from family and friends since I was in Form 1. I could spend the whole day reading all of them.
Anyways, below is a list of some of the things I found:

1. "Triangle" letters from my close school friends (Back then we wrote to each other, folded the paper into a pretty triangular shape and passed it during recess).

2. A whole lot of Hari Raya cards from school friends.

3. A whole lot of Birthday cards from family and friends.

4. "Monkey Love" letters from 7-8 years ago (haha!)

5. Snailmails that I received from some penpals. (I didn't make the effort of replying that often)

6. Snailmails from friends that were studying quite far away (Muna & Shamin).

7. Snailmails that I received from friends when I was studying in Matrix Kuala Pilah.

8. A whole lot of pictures (interesting discovery: Found a group picture from this camp I went to in 1996 and one of them happens to be Mer's sister)

9. My school magazine that I thought was missing.

10. A case filled with diskettes of DOS-based games from approximately 13 years ago.

11. All my original SPM papers!

12. My high school report card! (Woah, towards the end, it was filled with red ink. Good thing I came out well in the end.)

I was so swept away with all the memories that I gave chun chick Mun a call to let her know about my discoveries. I felt even more excited to clean up my room hoping to find some other interesting things :D

Supervisor dearest..

Went to MMU yesterday to meet up with my FYP supervisor, Mr. Sharaf. Mom sent me to Lara's work place at 5, we went to MMU together and met up with Lartz over there. It felt kinna awkward at first coz that was the first time we met him for non-academic purpose. We chit-chated for about an hour or so. I have so much respect for him coz he is 1 of 3 lecturers that I consider being in the league of their own. He's one very busy hardworking lecturer and a very loving father as well. He has pictures of his kids in the office and drawings done by them. He was so excited telling us that he has another baby girl. Oh yeah, we gave him his gift and he liked it *yay!*. He said, "It's innovative." We bought him a huge clear plastic calender (that can be used for any month and any year), with each day, date and month having its own pocket to insert notes (or anything else that matters). After meeting him yesterday, I feel like I have been wasting my time *duh* and I could use this time to learn up some other skills that are essential for today's job prospect. And yes, I will start looking around for a job soon :P I'm not gonna bore you with all the details. Now I'm all pumped up to prepare myself for working life :D