Thursday, May 20, 2004

Troy - Great Movie, Bad Audience

I went to OU last night to watched Troy with Mer. Since I bought the tickets a day earlier, we got very good seats..2nd from the back :D It was an very good movie indeed since there were more than 1 hero and one of 'em (not telling names with respect to those who haven't watch it) being some-what the villain but still potrays the good side of him. It was pretty cool coz it was action all the way. The ending was good too coz no one won. Costume wise, I really like those Greek leaf-like crowns worn by the ladies :D I have nothing bad to say about the's just awesome.
Somewhere at the front row, someone brought their baby along. From the screamings, I suppose he/she is less than 2 years old. There was this one part where everything was quiet and only Brad Pitt's voice can be heard shouting calling out for Eric Bana. The baby kinna replied to that. Urgh..Lady!! You may be a die hard fan of Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom but PLEASE don't drag your baby along! It's not as if he would understand the movie anyway. *grumbles*
Now there were 2 chinese guys seating behind us and throughout the movie they ALWAYS had something to talk about which was really DISTRACTING. They would discuss about scenes (in chinese) all the way. It's as if they have never been to a cinema before. When they saw a pretty/sexy girl, they would go, "Waaaa.." When the actor started touching the girl's face, they would go, " soft." When it was a love scene, again they would go, "Waaaa.." When they saw thousands of ships, yet again they would go, "Waaaa.." When the camera focused to the bald baby, they would laugh and go, "Eeyeeee..(translate: yuck)" Aaaaargh! I feel like asking them to just shut up! About 3/4 of the movie, we both couldn't stand it anymore, so Mer turned around and told them to zip ittt , with the Austin Powers's Dr. Evil look..hahaha! Ok2, I'm exaggerating :P They were totally quiet for about a minute or 2, then continued their discussion at a lower volume. Some people are just so inconsiderate.

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