Saturday, May 15, 2004

Thank you survivor, I'm a survivor

Stayed up for Survivor finale last night. Why didn't Rupert, Jenna and Tom vote off Amber when they had the chance? And why didn't Jenna vote for Rob last night?? At least make it a tie. She knows that if she is in the final 3, she definately will be voted off! If it's a tie, who knows how the tie breaker's like. But at least there is a chance for Rob to be voted off. If Rupert stays, she could even be in the final 2. She didn't even think of that I suppose. I'm kinna sick of Rob controlling the game and getting everyone to do what he says while he just sits around preserving energy to win more immunities. I'm not satisfied that he got what he wanted, to be in the final 2 with Amber. Kinna irritated by them actually, being all lovey dovey and such. But it's really sweet when he proposed to her in front of millions of viewers. I want I want I want..hehe.. :P

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