Saturday, May 15, 2004

Pool Spanish Idol

My neck aches..I've been sitting here for about 4 hours playing pool. Had my lunch while playing pool, watched American Idol while playing pool. Speaking of AI, Jasmine is safe?? :O I thought she should at least be in the bottom 2. Maybe people voted for her coz she cried after being critised (spelling?) by the judges. But I kinna like her, although she may not be the best singer. I hope she does way better for the finals. It's a pitty that LaToya London got voted off. She's undoubtedly good, maybe a little bit boring like Simon said.
Even missed the finale of Secreto De Amor to play pool. But my mom recorded it, so I guess I'll catch it later. Didn't watch this show until about a month ago. Don't know why I'm a sucker for this kinna shows..ehehe. He wants her, she wants him, but they can't have each other coz of something like the guy made a huge mistake in the past, someone else going after him/her and doesn't want to let him/her go..things like that. And surely, someone doesn't know that their real mom/dad is alive or doesn't know that their real mom is the maid in that very house. Everyone other guy seem to be in love with the lead female actor while every other girl are head over heels over the hero. The bad person always end up being killed/jailed/crazy. Oh yeah, the hero and his girl end up getting married. Like Brad Pitt's character said to Rachel in 'Friends' at the dinner table: Typical.. Oh, that reminds me, gotta watch Troy!

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