Saturday, May 29, 2004

Layar Tanchap @ Rasta

Went to enjoy some performing arts at Layar Tanchap last night. Mostly amatuer performers took the "stage" in the first half. I didn't stay for the 2nd half coz it was getting late. Usually more known people perform towards the end.
I guess most of you are wondering, "What's with the name?" If I'm not mistaken, it's Indonesian for "moving screen". I'm not so sure about it, but it means something like that. This concept originated from there and is adapted here in Malaysia.
The strong people behind the scenes, known as ahli2 Tanchap, are: Sein from MOB also host of Beat TV, Pot and Taj from Innuendo and VE's manager Edris. And some of the people that support them are: Ruffedge, VE, Flop Poppy, Munir from Phyne Bawlers (spelling?) and Dayang Nurfaizah. I was suprised to see Azean Irdawaty in the audience last night and also Fique from Teh Tarik Crew.
There were also a whole lot of posers there who came only to hang around rather than to watch the show. All they did were stand around acting cool with their cigarattes, paying no interest on what's going on in front. *bluek*

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