Sunday, May 09, 2004

If I have a sister..

Many people say that their younger siblings are a pain in the arse. When I was young, I often asked my mom for a sister. I remember when they asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said a sister..hehe. It's kinna bored being the only girl in the family, with brothers that are 6 years older who are not very sporting. Now that I've finished studying, that feeling seems to sink even deeper since I have a lot of free time but no one to share it with. Well yeah, I have a boyfriend but he works most of the week. Furthermore, he doesn't stay nearby. So we usually meet over the weekends. My friends are mostly busy with their studies/work or not staying nearby as well. I don't have close cousins around here either. So now I'm usually stuck at home. I'm staying in a condo and the tennis, badminton courts and swimming pool is just a few floors down but I hardly go there although I want to. I'm kinna scared to go swimming alone coz I hafta go through the basement parking and with the rising number of crime cases nowadays, I'm kinna paranoid. If I have a sister, I think we would be very healthy with the amount of sports that we get to do together. If we feel like hanging out, we could just go and hangout anywhere we want to. If we were to do a duet on the piano, it would sound splendid (I think). I won't be be the only one helping my mom around the house and I get to experience sibling rivalry (if any). Sure, life would be more fun if I had a sister, but it's just not my luck. That's why when I have kids, I'm gonna make sure I have at least a pair of girls and boys so that they won't feel bored like I do now.
The good thing about being the only girl is the attention that I get. I think I've been pampered a lot but not spoilt. I do get scolded from time to time, especially during school years coz I think my parents wanted me to be disciplined (and also because of my exam results). Although I might have been a slight rebel back then but I believe I've been a good daughter. One thing that I feel very satisfied with is that I've made my parents proud. That's the best gift I can give for all that they've done for me all these years, that made me the person I am today. Happy mothers day Mama :) I guess it's too late to ask for a sister now huh? I guess we shall look forward for the 3rd generation of our family then.

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