Monday, May 24, 2004

Fuh..11 hours nonstop

Spent my day at Sunway Pyramid with Mr. Hanz, Lady Lara and Miss Lartz a.k.a. Hex. First thing I did was pass Lara's belated birthday present from Idaura and me (over a month late :P ). Got her a pretty optical mouse since hers has been spoilt for quite some time.

11.45 a.m. - Bowling
We played 4 games. Before we started playing, Lara was like, "I've only played once before. I'm not good, I'm shy." Not good my *beep*..haha..she turned out leading the first game! Hanz showed off his skills with the hook technique, which was kinna impressive when it turned out well. He led the 2nd game with me trailing waaay behind. After those warm ups, I managed to lead the 3rd and last game, with much envy by Hanz..haha! We had a great time making fun of each other and laughing when someone failed to hit that pin.

(Hanz seen here with Aya - Idaura's other half, and Mer)

1.30 p.m. - Lunch Time
Had lunch at Shack (this laksa place).

2.15 p.m. - Movie, Debts, Supervisor's present
They wanted to watch 'Troy'. I didn't join them since I've watched it and also coz I had other plans later in the evening. The movie was at 5.30 p.m., so there was a lot of time to spare. After that we stopped to sit at A&W. Didn't buy anything, we just sat there..hehe. We had to clear out how much we owe who, since I paid for bowling and Lara paid for lunch in advance. We felt like 'chetis' (spelling?)..haha! After that was cleared out, we girls had to decide what to buy for our very much loved supervisor, Mr. Sharaf, since he helped us a lot with our Final Year Project. After a few options, from mouse to door stopper, we decided on this very nice unique planner that we saw at OU. So it's up to me to get it somewhere this week since I stay the nearest.

(Lara, Lartz and me posing with our thesis on submission day)

3 p.m. - Light shopping
Looked around at some CDs at a record store then went to Body Shop since they have this store-wide sale, with discounts that are mind-blowing! We girls each bought a little something with an additional 10% discount coz Lara has the membership card (yay!). We made our way to the IT center to look at some CDs and got myself a pool game for my brothers. Oh by the way, just outside the IT center, they have this 'Star Search' organized by and Seventeen magazine. There we saw girls being made up with people staring at you. Then they had their picture taken in this studio-like set. When we passed by, one lady came up to us and asked us to join in. We didn't plan it, so we had to think it over. After coming out from the IT center we decided to just skip it. We may have felt a lil bit old (since it IS organized by Seventeen magazine).

4 p.m. - Surprise invitation
We were making our way to Guardian when we bumped into an ex-student of MMU, Suhil (spelling?). He said he was on his way to get his cake coz it was his birthday that day and he was having a party at Nando's. He asked us to join in. What luck! So we went in and enjoyed some french fries and ice lemon tea :D Other people there had chicken and those heavy stuff. We waited eagerly for the birthday boy to cut the cake coz that is kinna the reason we were there (I hope he doesn't read this..hehe). The cake was HUGE, roughly 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet. It was covered with icing and on top was a huge Transformers logo..very cool. We had 2 servings of the cake and then politely left the party.

5.10 p.m. - The Waiting
I called Mer to pick me up and then followed them to the cinema while waiting for him to get there. After they went in, I just hung around with nothing much to do. Although it was a short trip from USJ to Sunway, it took him about 45 minutes to get there coz there was a terrible jam (the same thing happened the day before). Damn Subang/Sunway :P

6.15 p.m. - Granny's
I promised my mom to go to my granny's after that since my whole family was there. Mer sent me to my granny's and he came in for some tea too :)

7.50 p.m. - Finally got home
Had only a short time to refresh myself before making my way out with another bunch of friends. I've promised my good friends from school to meet up at Uptown for some catching up.

8.10 p.m. - Out again
Fetched Alia (UM chick) coz I'm kinna her passport to go out coz she's grounded..haha! Then fetched Sha (UiTM chick) coz I am also her passport out that night. Ish2..these girls. Met up with Mun (UIA chick) and the twins, Ina (MMU chick, a fresh grad like me) and Lin (UiTM chick) at Uptown. It was a great chicks night out (now I feel like a chicken..hehe) with a whole lot of stories, updates, belated presents and souvenirs from abroad. The only person missing from this group of friends is cun chick Heydeq (don't ask how she got that name), who is thousands of miles away in UK.

(My good friends from school. Unfortunately cun chick Alia is not in this pic. From left: Mun, me, Heydeq, Sha, Lin, Ina)

11 p.m. - Home again
Finally I'm home after a loooong exciting day...lets do that again! :D

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