Thursday, May 27, 2004

Fantasia Fantastic

Uuh yeah..she won! Although I support Diana, but I don't deny that Fantasia's performance was better. For those that didn't watch yesterday's show, they both sang 3 songs each.
1st song: Diana was good but Fantasia on the other hand didn't do well. Simon said, "It's a complete mess."
2nd song: they both did well but Fantasia's performance can be considered better.
3rd song: Diana hit the wrong note somewhere in the middle and that blew off her chance to nail the perfection. Fantasia did well yet again.

So Diana started well but ended bad while Fantasia started bad and ended it well. I say it was a pretty close fight. I saw Diana's facial expression when the other finalists went to hug Fantasia. She was somewhat pushed aside, but still managed to smile though not as wide as usual. So Ryan kept her company while he said his final thank-yous and goodbyes to the camera.
I wonder how Malaysian Idol's gonna be like. Can't miss the first few shows coz that's where I get to laugh at people >:) Oh yeah, I downloaded William Hung's I Believe I Can Fly. After hearing it, I think his rendition of She Bangs was a lot nicer coz this one is totally OUT! Download it if you want some good laughs :D

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