Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Dancin' yeahhhh!

Watched Saturday Night Fever with my parents last night. It was SUPER! My dad got us seats at the lower level, so I got a pretty good view of the whole show. The whole thing was just excellent..maybe it's nothing for them now that they've performed it almost everyday of the week. These dancers have really nice sixpacks too :D I saw some famous faces there like Harith Iskandar with a pretty slim gf, this indian guy from the 8TV advertisement, some familiar looking DJ and Anuar Zain with Amy Mastura. I wonder why she didn't come with her husband..maybe he's at home babysitting :D
Whoever haven't watched it, GO GO! It's worth it, trust me. It will leave you wanting more and the songs will stick in your head that you'll feel like dancinnn yeahhh!

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