Monday, May 31, 2004

Yet another boring F1

I changed the channel to Harry Potter half way through the race. It's just Schuey's luck that he got a good start. I was hoping Sato would catch up but his engine just had to blow up..urgh! At the start of the season, I thought with BMW's new engine, they will perform way better than last year, although they did a splendid job back then. Now I wish they had stick to the old engine. I don't think I need to say much about McLaren's performance this time's devastating :(

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Layar Tanchap @ Rasta

Went to enjoy some performing arts at Layar Tanchap last night. Mostly amatuer performers took the "stage" in the first half. I didn't stay for the 2nd half coz it was getting late. Usually more known people perform towards the end.
I guess most of you are wondering, "What's with the name?" If I'm not mistaken, it's Indonesian for "moving screen". I'm not so sure about it, but it means something like that. This concept originated from there and is adapted here in Malaysia.
The strong people behind the scenes, known as ahli2 Tanchap, are: Sein from MOB also host of Beat TV, Pot and Taj from Innuendo and VE's manager Edris. And some of the people that support them are: Ruffedge, VE, Flop Poppy, Munir from Phyne Bawlers (spelling?) and Dayang Nurfaizah. I was suprised to see Azean Irdawaty in the audience last night and also Fique from Teh Tarik Crew.
There were also a whole lot of posers there who came only to hang around rather than to watch the show. All they did were stand around acting cool with their cigarattes, paying no interest on what's going on in front. *bluek*

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Fantasia Fantastic

Uuh yeah..she won! Although I support Diana, but I don't deny that Fantasia's performance was better. For those that didn't watch yesterday's show, they both sang 3 songs each.
1st song: Diana was good but Fantasia on the other hand didn't do well. Simon said, "It's a complete mess."
2nd song: they both did well but Fantasia's performance can be considered better.
3rd song: Diana hit the wrong note somewhere in the middle and that blew off her chance to nail the perfection. Fantasia did well yet again.

So Diana started well but ended bad while Fantasia started bad and ended it well. I say it was a pretty close fight. I saw Diana's facial expression when the other finalists went to hug Fantasia. She was somewhat pushed aside, but still managed to smile though not as wide as usual. So Ryan kept her company while he said his final thank-yous and goodbyes to the camera.
I wonder how Malaysian Idol's gonna be like. Can't miss the first few shows coz that's where I get to laugh at people >:) Oh yeah, I downloaded William Hung's I Believe I Can Fly. After hearing it, I think his rendition of She Bangs was a lot nicer coz this one is totally OUT! Download it if you want some good laughs :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Dancin' yeahhhh!

Watched Saturday Night Fever with my parents last night. It was SUPER! My dad got us seats at the lower level, so I got a pretty good view of the whole show. The whole thing was just excellent..maybe it's nothing for them now that they've performed it almost everyday of the week. These dancers have really nice sixpacks too :D I saw some famous faces there like Harith Iskandar with a pretty slim gf, this indian guy from the 8TV advertisement, some familiar looking DJ and Anuar Zain with Amy Mastura. I wonder why she didn't come with her husband..maybe he's at home babysitting :D
Whoever haven't watched it, GO GO! It's worth it, trust me. It will leave you wanting more and the songs will stick in your head that you'll feel like dancinnn yeahhh!

Monday, May 24, 2004

Best F1 race of the season so far

I missed the race coz I was out with the chicks. I hope to catch the repeat soon. From what I've read in the papers, here's what I hafta say about the race:
Hooray for Trulli and Button! Good job Montoya! Too bad Schuey :P

Quizey Quiz Quiz

Take some time off to take this *simple* quiz about me and see how you score ;)

Fuh..11 hours nonstop

Spent my day at Sunway Pyramid with Mr. Hanz, Lady Lara and Miss Lartz a.k.a. Hex. First thing I did was pass Lara's belated birthday present from Idaura and me (over a month late :P ). Got her a pretty optical mouse since hers has been spoilt for quite some time.

11.45 a.m. - Bowling
We played 4 games. Before we started playing, Lara was like, "I've only played once before. I'm not good, I'm shy." Not good my *beep*..haha..she turned out leading the first game! Hanz showed off his skills with the hook technique, which was kinna impressive when it turned out well. He led the 2nd game with me trailing waaay behind. After those warm ups, I managed to lead the 3rd and last game, with much envy by Hanz..haha! We had a great time making fun of each other and laughing when someone failed to hit that pin.

(Hanz seen here with Aya - Idaura's other half, and Mer)

1.30 p.m. - Lunch Time
Had lunch at Shack (this laksa place).

2.15 p.m. - Movie, Debts, Supervisor's present
They wanted to watch 'Troy'. I didn't join them since I've watched it and also coz I had other plans later in the evening. The movie was at 5.30 p.m., so there was a lot of time to spare. After that we stopped to sit at A&W. Didn't buy anything, we just sat there..hehe. We had to clear out how much we owe who, since I paid for bowling and Lara paid for lunch in advance. We felt like 'chetis' (spelling?)..haha! After that was cleared out, we girls had to decide what to buy for our very much loved supervisor, Mr. Sharaf, since he helped us a lot with our Final Year Project. After a few options, from mouse to door stopper, we decided on this very nice unique planner that we saw at OU. So it's up to me to get it somewhere this week since I stay the nearest.

(Lara, Lartz and me posing with our thesis on submission day)

3 p.m. - Light shopping
Looked around at some CDs at a record store then went to Body Shop since they have this store-wide sale, with discounts that are mind-blowing! We girls each bought a little something with an additional 10% discount coz Lara has the membership card (yay!). We made our way to the IT center to look at some CDs and got myself a pool game for my brothers. Oh by the way, just outside the IT center, they have this 'Star Search' organized by and Seventeen magazine. There we saw girls being made up with people staring at you. Then they had their picture taken in this studio-like set. When we passed by, one lady came up to us and asked us to join in. We didn't plan it, so we had to think it over. After coming out from the IT center we decided to just skip it. We may have felt a lil bit old (since it IS organized by Seventeen magazine).

4 p.m. - Surprise invitation
We were making our way to Guardian when we bumped into an ex-student of MMU, Suhil (spelling?). He said he was on his way to get his cake coz it was his birthday that day and he was having a party at Nando's. He asked us to join in. What luck! So we went in and enjoyed some french fries and ice lemon tea :D Other people there had chicken and those heavy stuff. We waited eagerly for the birthday boy to cut the cake coz that is kinna the reason we were there (I hope he doesn't read this..hehe). The cake was HUGE, roughly 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet. It was covered with icing and on top was a huge Transformers logo..very cool. We had 2 servings of the cake and then politely left the party.

5.10 p.m. - The Waiting
I called Mer to pick me up and then followed them to the cinema while waiting for him to get there. After they went in, I just hung around with nothing much to do. Although it was a short trip from USJ to Sunway, it took him about 45 minutes to get there coz there was a terrible jam (the same thing happened the day before). Damn Subang/Sunway :P

6.15 p.m. - Granny's
I promised my mom to go to my granny's after that since my whole family was there. Mer sent me to my granny's and he came in for some tea too :)

7.50 p.m. - Finally got home
Had only a short time to refresh myself before making my way out with another bunch of friends. I've promised my good friends from school to meet up at Uptown for some catching up.

8.10 p.m. - Out again
Fetched Alia (UM chick) coz I'm kinna her passport to go out coz she's grounded..haha! Then fetched Sha (UiTM chick) coz I am also her passport out that night. Ish2..these girls. Met up with Mun (UIA chick) and the twins, Ina (MMU chick, a fresh grad like me) and Lin (UiTM chick) at Uptown. It was a great chicks night out (now I feel like a chicken..hehe) with a whole lot of stories, updates, belated presents and souvenirs from abroad. The only person missing from this group of friends is cun chick Heydeq (don't ask how she got that name), who is thousands of miles away in UK.

(My good friends from school. Unfortunately cun chick Alia is not in this pic. From left: Mun, me, Heydeq, Sha, Lin, Ina)

11 p.m. - Home again
Finally I'm home after a loooong exciting day...lets do that again! :D

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Pyramid Mega Lanes

Went to Sunway with Mer today to check on some exhibition. Since I was there, I stopped by at the bowling alley to ask if there are available lanes for tomorrow. The receptionist still remembers sweet :D I had to go in the office and check with Kak Wati (the manager that I dealt with a lot back during Bowling Club days). She remembers me too :D Straight away she booked lanes for me -> under 'MMU'. It took less than a minute..ehehe. I wonder how long it would be until they realise that I don't study there anymore :P

15 mins of fame -> 15 months of fame for Hung

The first few times I watched William Hung's video, I still managed to laugh. But now that Star World have been showing it every single day, I'm getting kinna sick of it. I remember him saying this before his famous audition: "I love music. I want to make music my living." Looks like his dream came true but I don't think he will be doing this his whole life. Sooner or later people won't pay much attention to him anymore. The only reason the spotlight is on him is because he can't sing and dance (and very naive).I sometimes wonder..doesn't he feel embarrass that people are laughing at him? In the video, he even made fun of himself (walking away with his backpack at the end).

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Layar Tanchap v12

Layar Tanchap is a showcase of various talents by various people. From normal people like me and you, to artists like Innuendo, Dayang Nurfaizah and Anuar Zain. One time an upcoming singer came all the way from Indonesia to sing for that night. If anyone wants to perform can e-mail the committee before hand. We can even donate an amount of money to request for songs and it will go the TTDI Rumah Anak2 Yatim. Layar Tanchap is held every last Friday of the month.

Layar Tanchap v12
When : 28th May, 2004
Where: Coffee Hut (Tanchap Central), Taman Tun Dr Ismail (next to Rasta)
Time : 9.00pm/after isya'
Dress code:
di hari raya...
terkenang daku kepada si dia...
kampungku indah nun jauh di sana...
ayah serta bondaku...

(Or something decent -> not sexy)

The ambience is free but the food and drinks aren't. It's only fair, right? Be there..

Troy - Great Movie, Bad Audience

I went to OU last night to watched Troy with Mer. Since I bought the tickets a day earlier, we got very good seats..2nd from the back :D It was an very good movie indeed since there were more than 1 hero and one of 'em (not telling names with respect to those who haven't watch it) being some-what the villain but still potrays the good side of him. It was pretty cool coz it was action all the way. The ending was good too coz no one won. Costume wise, I really like those Greek leaf-like crowns worn by the ladies :D I have nothing bad to say about the's just awesome.
Somewhere at the front row, someone brought their baby along. From the screamings, I suppose he/she is less than 2 years old. There was this one part where everything was quiet and only Brad Pitt's voice can be heard shouting calling out for Eric Bana. The baby kinna replied to that. Urgh..Lady!! You may be a die hard fan of Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom but PLEASE don't drag your baby along! It's not as if he would understand the movie anyway. *grumbles*
Now there were 2 chinese guys seating behind us and throughout the movie they ALWAYS had something to talk about which was really DISTRACTING. They would discuss about scenes (in chinese) all the way. It's as if they have never been to a cinema before. When they saw a pretty/sexy girl, they would go, "Waaaa.." When the actor started touching the girl's face, they would go, " soft." When it was a love scene, again they would go, "Waaaa.." When they saw thousands of ships, yet again they would go, "Waaaa.." When the camera focused to the bald baby, they would laugh and go, "Eeyeeee..(translate: yuck)" Aaaaargh! I feel like asking them to just shut up! About 3/4 of the movie, we both couldn't stand it anymore, so Mer turned around and told them to zip ittt , with the Austin Powers's Dr. Evil look..hahaha! Ok2, I'm exaggerating :P They were totally quiet for about a minute or 2, then continued their discussion at a lower volume. Some people are just so inconsiderate.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

It's finally done!

It's past 2 a.m. and I'm finnnaallyy satisfied with my blog's new design. Besides the colourful layout, I've also added links to other friend's blogs. Everything seems to be working right (I hope). Feedbacks are very much appreciated :)

Monday, May 17, 2004

Fresh from the oven design

Spent the whole night getting this new design done. Somehow the blog titles are missing..gotta figure that out. I hope you all like it :D

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Pool Spanish Idol

My neck aches..I've been sitting here for about 4 hours playing pool. Had my lunch while playing pool, watched American Idol while playing pool. Speaking of AI, Jasmine is safe?? :O I thought she should at least be in the bottom 2. Maybe people voted for her coz she cried after being critised (spelling?) by the judges. But I kinna like her, although she may not be the best singer. I hope she does way better for the finals. It's a pitty that LaToya London got voted off. She's undoubtedly good, maybe a little bit boring like Simon said.
Even missed the finale of Secreto De Amor to play pool. But my mom recorded it, so I guess I'll catch it later. Didn't watch this show until about a month ago. Don't know why I'm a sucker for this kinna shows..ehehe. He wants her, she wants him, but they can't have each other coz of something like the guy made a huge mistake in the past, someone else going after him/her and doesn't want to let him/her go..things like that. And surely, someone doesn't know that their real mom/dad is alive or doesn't know that their real mom is the maid in that very house. Everyone other guy seem to be in love with the lead female actor while every other girl are head over heels over the hero. The bad person always end up being killed/jailed/crazy. Oh yeah, the hero and his girl end up getting married. Like Brad Pitt's character said to Rachel in 'Friends' at the dinner table: Typical.. Oh, that reminds me, gotta watch Troy!

Thank you survivor, I'm a survivor

Stayed up for Survivor finale last night. Why didn't Rupert, Jenna and Tom vote off Amber when they had the chance? And why didn't Jenna vote for Rob last night?? At least make it a tie. She knows that if she is in the final 3, she definately will be voted off! If it's a tie, who knows how the tie breaker's like. But at least there is a chance for Rob to be voted off. If Rupert stays, she could even be in the final 2. She didn't even think of that I suppose. I'm kinna sick of Rob controlling the game and getting everyone to do what he says while he just sits around preserving energy to win more immunities. I'm not satisfied that he got what he wanted, to be in the final 2 with Amber. Kinna irritated by them actually, being all lovey dovey and such. But it's really sweet when he proposed to her in front of millions of viewers. I want I want I want..hehe.. :P

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Finally a day well spent

Had a very early start today. My niece (who is just a year younger than me) came over to hang out with me, since she's on holiday. Her mom dropped her over here early in the morning and we left for MMU at around 11 am. Collected my transcript, went to the faculty's office to request for the official Graduation Letter and we went Street Mall for lunch with Mer. After that we spent the rest of the evening at OU. We wore heels (as an attempt to look taller) so you can just imagine what they do to our feet after walking all around OU..both the old and new wing. I hate to admit this but sometimes we girls sacrifice comfort for style..haha! It's pretty nice having her around coz we get along really well.
After she left, Mer came over from work and we went to watch Van Helsing. Bumped into my ex-roomie Yan on the way out of the cinema. Pretty cool movie actually..kinna reminds me of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but with a totally different storyline. Next up: Troy, Shrek 2!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Boring F1 season

I watched F1 yesterday and changed the channel after Schumacher overtook Trulli. Now Ferrari is sooo confident in win all 18 races. Fine2, win all you want..soon people will get bored watching F1.

Tagboard alert!

Finally got the tagboard running. Feel free to post any messages :)

Sunday, May 09, 2004

If I have a sister..

Many people say that their younger siblings are a pain in the arse. When I was young, I often asked my mom for a sister. I remember when they asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said a sister..hehe. It's kinna bored being the only girl in the family, with brothers that are 6 years older who are not very sporting. Now that I've finished studying, that feeling seems to sink even deeper since I have a lot of free time but no one to share it with. Well yeah, I have a boyfriend but he works most of the week. Furthermore, he doesn't stay nearby. So we usually meet over the weekends. My friends are mostly busy with their studies/work or not staying nearby as well. I don't have close cousins around here either. So now I'm usually stuck at home. I'm staying in a condo and the tennis, badminton courts and swimming pool is just a few floors down but I hardly go there although I want to. I'm kinna scared to go swimming alone coz I hafta go through the basement parking and with the rising number of crime cases nowadays, I'm kinna paranoid. If I have a sister, I think we would be very healthy with the amount of sports that we get to do together. If we feel like hanging out, we could just go and hangout anywhere we want to. If we were to do a duet on the piano, it would sound splendid (I think). I won't be be the only one helping my mom around the house and I get to experience sibling rivalry (if any). Sure, life would be more fun if I had a sister, but it's just not my luck. That's why when I have kids, I'm gonna make sure I have at least a pair of girls and boys so that they won't feel bored like I do now.
The good thing about being the only girl is the attention that I get. I think I've been pampered a lot but not spoilt. I do get scolded from time to time, especially during school years coz I think my parents wanted me to be disciplined (and also because of my exam results). Although I might have been a slight rebel back then but I believe I've been a good daughter. One thing that I feel very satisfied with is that I've made my parents proud. That's the best gift I can give for all that they've done for me all these years, that made me the person I am today. Happy mothers day Mama :) I guess it's too late to ask for a sister now huh? I guess we shall look forward for the 3rd generation of our family then.

Friday, May 07, 2004

no progress week

It hasn't been a very progressive week. Been doing nothing much besides helping mom and playing games. I'm hooked up to Need For Speed Underground (currently at race 94 out of 111) and also online Yahoo Pool. I bet my internet bill is gonna be really high this month. I gotta find a job you say? Naah..gotta get Streamyx :P

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Hobbit

Finished reading 'The Hobbit' today. Very interesting story indeed. Can't wait for Peter Jackson to make it to a motion picture.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

New Links

Check out the new links I added on the left.

This person translated the LOTR trilogy based on the book, not the movie.

MMU Bowling Club:
The website I created when I was in my 2nd year. Used only the basic tools, HTML and created a lot of scripts or anything as such. I put much emphasis on the design though. It has yet to be updated by the committees that took over..I wonder why?

damn C9

Well I was excited when I managed to qualify for the 2nd audition. They mentioned that the audition was from 2-6 pm. Got there at 3pm, my turn came at 9pm..although I was the 25th person to be auditioned.

They spent more than half an hour per person for first few people that went in. They said it was really difficult coz they asked general knowledge questions (e.g.: who was the minister of ___ Department in year 19**?) and debated issues with them.

Some of them even came out saying that they were looking for journalist. Well that's a shocker coz as mentioned in the advertisement, they were looking for host for some programs. After a while they didn't spend too long on 1 person, cut down to about 15 mins or so.

When it was finally my turn, well, it took less than 5 mins coz the first question they asked me after I read the 150-words script was: "Are you interested in journalism?"

I told them that I came to audition for a host not journalist and their answer to that, "To be a presenter you first need to be a journalist. There's no such title as 'presenter' in TV production but there's 'journalist/presenter'." Actually I don't remember the term they used for that, but whatever it was, it means that it does both journalism and presentation.

Then they took some time explaining it to me and when I said I'm not interested in that, they said there's no need for me to continue. I wasted 6 hours of my time for that?! I felt so cheated! Damn Channel 9.

When I told other people that came for the audition, all of them were shocked coz they didn't know it too.

This was the ad they wrote:

This is your chance for a challenging career! If you are the new face of Channel 9, don’t miss out an open audition to be an anchor or host for Channel 9’s newest production! You have to be between 20 and 35 years old…, Have at least a diploma or equivalent…, Be fluent in English & Bahasa Melayu.. Have a dynamic and interesting personality and ready for any challenge!

Attend Channel 9’s walk in audition on 22nd and 23rd April from 10 am to 6 pm at the Channel 9 Broadcast Centre, Temasya Industrial Park, Shah Alam, Selangor… Please bring along your resume and passport-sized photo….

Anything about journalism there?