Sunday, April 25, 2004

Channel 9 & AIM

What a hactic 2 days I had! Friday (23 Apr) morning I went to Channel 9 to try out as a host (just for the experience). Had to fill up this questionnaire about general knowledge, e.g. What's the currency for China? What's the capital of Brazil? Dato' Azalina is what Menteri? I just copied the answers from people around me.

There was also a list of things we can present for the audition, like interviews, sports, travel destination, music and more. I chose to present a chart show. Waited for over 2 hours and then the panels had to take a break and asked us to come back at 2.30. The thing is, I was suppose to be at PWTC for a briefing and fitting (I became the AIM usherer, with attire sponsored by Bill Keith..heh..promote).

I informed Channel 9 people and they allowed me to come back later. While waiting for mom to fetch me, I went for lunch with some people that I got to know at the audition. Mom got there at 2 pm and we rushed back in the heavy rain.

At home, Mer was waiting for me to bring me to PWTC. When we got there (1/2 an hour late) the clothes that I'm suppose to try out haven't arrived..aargh! So I left after hearing what I had to hear and then rushed back to Channel 9, which is in Shah Alam! We ended up going round and round searching for the office coz I couldn't remember where it was. At last we found it and I waited for my name to be called.

I presented quite OK for the chart show (in English)..then they asked me to do it in Bahasa as well! I kantoi big time. It was a mess and I couldn't even figure out what's the malay word for 'vote'. The guy was like,"You usually speak English at home eh? Coz your bahasa is terrible.." Now that's an embarrassment since I am a Malay.

He asked why I should be chosen as a host and I suppose I gave a quite OK answer. So I hope it's all good, minus the bahasa part though. Ok, that was what happened yesterday..wait..since it's after mid night so it's the day before yesterday.

And yesterday was the AIM awards. As I mentioned before I became the usherer and my attire was sponsored by Bill Keith (I should get paid for promoting). Good thing I know some of the other usherers so I didn't feel too out of place. Went for lunch with some of the girls and got my hair done. Bill Keith's people helped us get dressed and the shoes they provided were not comfortable!

When all those were done, I began my job by guiding people to their seats. Met many famous people but didn't get to take pictures with them since I was on duty :( I really wanted to take pictures with Afdlin Shauki and Reshmonu. I looked forward for both of them actually since I think they're really good. But it wasn't my day..maybe next time.

After the event, all 12 of us usherers took lots of pictures (as if we were artists..haha). By the way, I was one of the shortest usherers that I feel like a hobbit. The others were way taller than jealous..:(

After that went to a hotel room, occupied by one of the AIM committee where we put our all our stuff, changed to my own clothes since we had to return Bill's. My parents fetched me at Pan Pacific's lobby at 12.45 am. I feel bad since they're usually asleep at this time. My brothers didn't wanna fetch me coz they wanna go out.

Anyways, that's about it. Gotta get some rest now.

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