Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Anniversary day! :)

Celebrated my anniversary today :)
Mer (my bf) came around 11 in the morning to fetch me and then we went off to KLCC to have lunch at one of the restaurants at the top floor. It was pretty romantic as we had a quiet lunch together then we went to Kinokuniya to get myself a book (The Hobbit). Went to this shoe shop named 'Nose' and Mer bought me a sweet of him. After a while we decided to head back to my place. He was so eager to try out the new laptop backpack I got him. So we booked the 'reading room' at my condo and we spent some time messing around with the bag. After that he did some work (he is such a workaholic) while I sat beside him reading 'The Hobbit' out loud for him. I ended up reading out the whole first chapter, which is about 20+ pages..hehe! Then we went to a nearby stall to get him a burger (he gets hungry real fast) and to 7-eleven to get a Slurpee. We hung out in the car while he finishes the burger and then went up to my house where I served him a cup of Nescafe and he had a chat with my parents (they get along well). He left around 8 pm.
We may not have spent our anniversary with a romantic candle-light dinner at a quiet posh restaurant but I don't really mind coz we get to spend 9 hours together in the day. We didn't go out for a dinner is because he doesn't feel comfortable taking me out at night, thinking that my parents might not really prefer that. But I have a feeling they don't mind coz I guess I'm old enough. Whatever it is, I'm just one happy girl to have the most understanding bf who respects my family. This time next year, I have a feeling that things will be a lot different from today, in a better way of course. Can't say anything too soon so I'm just gonna hush :)

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