Friday, December 31, 2004


It's the flu/cough season. Many people I know are coughing or sniffing along. Even Mer's been coughing and lost his voice at one point (there goes his class). And today, I'm feeling some discomfort in my throat. But I could never forgo my daily dose of chocolate and ice lemon tea..hehe! And I just finished half a glass of vanilla coke :D

I finally did some shopping today after a few erm....weeks..hehe! It feels like such a long time. Oh well, MNG is girls' shopping destination now for sure. The discounts are crazy! Thought I could save some money this month (I successfully did that last month), but it seems that everytime I have a bit of cash in hand, I tend to use it till the very last Ringgit. Oh the desire!

Ok, that's the last shopping session for me this month. Oh wait, there's only 1 more day left in this month and year. Man, it's 2005 already? How time flies. It has been such a life-changing year and can't wait to see what 2005 has instored :)

Happy New Year everyone! And lets pray for the victims of Tsunami..

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Check out this picture I got of this guy. See those 2 ghostly-looking beings?? Creepy!!

Ok2..that's my friend, Rie, and I during the launching of Sure Heboh last Thursday..hehe!

I bet no one got the shock of their life since I already mentioned about it earlier last week (unless you didn't read my post or somehow recognized me in that horrible physical state).We were involved with Misteri Nusantara's gimmick on that day. Here's how it went:

Zainal Ariffin (the host of the show) was addressing the crowd, telling them not to overly believe in paranormals as they are usually our illusion. The word "ilusi" (illusion) was our cue. We were at an open area on the 2nd floor, looking down at the crowd below. The spotlight and the camera was zoomed at us, while 2 of Misteri Nusantara's journalists were on stage acting as ghost-hunters and supposedly ran off stage to catch us. When the spotlight was off us, Zainal continued addressing the crowd and then the producer ended the gimmick by promoting the show.

Cool, eh? :D

After the gimmick, we had to go downstairs to Misteri Nusantara's booth (costume and make up still on). We used the service elevator. Both of us were putting on the serious (thus scary) looking face just to scare anyone that might be in the elevator when the door opens. And walaa! 3 guys screamed like girls! Ahahahaha..

Once we reached downstairs, we were treated like Disney cartoon characters at Disneyland. So many people wanted to take pictures with us. Besides being part of the Misteri Nusantara's booth attraction, we went around the place and met people as well. To check out more pictures, click on the gory picture above.

I didn't get much relaxation last weekend as I was working on Saturday and Sunday for more than half the day respectively. I was on some interesting assignments for the past week. I checked out how people make test tube babies, attended a spine surgery and interviewed a 17-year-old girl who had scoliosis (medical term for curved spine). Among all, I'm very amazed with the test tube baby.

The embriologist (yes, I never knew there was such profession) has to catch 1 sperm by looking through a microscope that is 400x magnified, and then insert it into the egg. The guy sure has good eyesight and tremendous hand-eye coordination.

Last Saturday evening, my brothers and I went to USJ's Futsal place. I went to see them, Mer, Mer's brother and some other family members/friends play. Mer's mom, sis and nephew were around to give support too..ehehe! It can be considered as a bonding session I suppose :D

Uh yeah, just got myself VE's new album, "For You"! Happy happy joy joy! :D It's definitely worth the wait coz the songs in there are GREAT I tell you! All tracks are created and produced by VE themselves. There are mostly english songs with only 4 malay numbers. The english songs are internation standard to me, seriously! If I didn't know it was them, it would never occur to me that it's locally made. And the malay songs aren't to be understated. The ballads can make young girls weak in the knees and there's one song where they incorporated R&B with the retro music of Pop Ye Ye..superb! I like! :D

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

You know you are watching a Malay movie when..

I was going through my e-mails and found this one which I received from one half of the twins, Ilin. Good one!

  1. The hero looks too old to be a 20 years old biker (read: Rosyam Noor in KL Menjerit), the heroin looks too 'Erra Fazira' (Wait a minute. It is Erra Fazira celluloid invasion!) and the mother of the hero looks too underaged to be a mother.
  2. To resolve matters of the heart, the venue of choice is always at the beach. The girl, with a pair of fake Gucci sunglasses on her head, will occupy the space under one coconut tree, while the boy will take an adjacent one. They will refer to themselves as 'I' and 'You', and the scene will climax with the girl's face streaked with tears 'You beritahu I sekarang, you masih cintakan I ke tidak', and the boy will run his hand through his hair (An expression of Malay angst, described by the word, 'frust menonggeng'). Oh yeah, they will then spend 10 minutes bellowing some sappy-romantic tunes on the top of their lungs even when the passerby are ogling curiously.
  3. On the deathbed, the terminally-ill will tend to see the light, especially when surrounded by those who he or she has wronged. There will always be time to beg forgiveness from everyone (full grammatically-correct sentence, mind you) before the last breath is exhaled, usually reserved for the all-important mengucap (repentance), which is the definitive sign of insaf (konon-kononnya lah)
  4. At the hospital, a doctor will always be ambushed by anxious relatives,who will ask: 'Bagaimana keadaan dia sekarang, doktor?'.The doctor will look serious and tentative (most of the time, looks too dodgy to become a doc) maybe sigh a bit, before finally replying, 'Keadaan dia stabil.Tetapi dia perlu banyak berehat.' The doctor will also be carrying a clipboard.
  5. The hero ca n gasp in awe looking at Sepang F1 Circuit, KLIA and The Petronas Twin Towers as he had just realized how developed Malaysia is after studying abroad for 7 years. (read: Cinta Kolestrol). Ever heard of Internet, Yusry? Pathetic.
  6. Rendezvous/date is carried out at some dim-litted coffee house or fancy restaurant and the only drink you and your partner will order is orange juice. Other drinks like sirap limau or teh tarik are not classy enough. Somehow during the conversation, you will sip your drink bit by bit but never finish it all in gusto.
  7. The boss of a company sits at his desk, usually writing longhand notes. There is no laptop nor computer on his desk. There are many ring files at the cabinet behind him. To show how important he is in the company, when he leaves his office, he tells his secretary, 'Kalau orang telefon, cakap saya ada appointment dengan Tan Sri/Dato'/Tengku. Bimbo looking secretary would smile sheepishly while playing with her chemically damaged hair.
  8. Only baddies, like delinquents and drug peddlers go to nightclubs. The only good people in nightclubs are undercover policemen.
  9. Brain tumours are cancers of choice, because sufferers get dizzy and tend to faint melodramatically. Cervical and breast cancer are like, you know, private. As for lung, colon and testicular cancer, they're just not as aesthetic on those CAT scans as the ghostly cerebral ones.
  10. Hari Raya is the best time for character transformations. The sound ofthe Aidilfitri prayer call on Hari Raya morning is enough to send drug addicts, glue sniffers, drunkards, adulterers, street gang members and girls who wear too much make up into depths of remorse. Unbelievable, innit?
  11. There is always a Tan Sri/Dato' Sri/ Dato'/ Tengku...and their childrenis the stereotypical "anak Dato'" complete with accent and bitchy attitute.

Monday, December 20, 2004

My day in the operating theater

Today, I attended a surgery to remove a part of a man's digestive system caused by cancer. The doctor cut open the person from his chest to somewhere above the crotch. Did you know they don't use knife to cut a person open anymore? They use burning laser instead, to minimize the loss of blood I was told. Burning laser+flesh = not a very pleasant smell.

I was in there for about 3 hours, looking over the doctors and nurses's shoulders to see what they were doing. Pretty interesting stuff :D I won't go into details to protect the weak :P Just watch Medik TV tentatively on 22nd January 2005, to see it for yourself.

TV3 will be launching Sure Heboh 2005 this Thursday night at Sri Pentas. I was told that there will be booths for various in-house programs which one of it will be Misteri Nusantara. My colleague and I were told to become the ghosts. Some others will be the bomohs and other characters. Should be drop by!

In other updates, I'm getting engaged in February :D

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bringing VBM to life!

(In case you're wondering, VBM = Very Berry Merry)

Yes I'm BACK and I hope I won't go away for too long after this. Work has caught up with me that I hardly get a chance to do anything else when I'm home, besides watching TV and eat :D

I remember the time when I could spend the whole day staring at the PC til I could even have my meals in front of it. I would keep my MP3 list updated with the latest (coolest) songs, get the latest Smallville episodes, chat with friends and play online games til late night.

Things have definitely changed now..I haven't been listening to my MP3s, let alone downloading them. I haven't been downloading Smallville for weeks! Plus my PC that needs formatting is still not formatted til now, can't even switch it on anymore.

The IT graduate leading a non-IT career is slowly drifting away from the IT lifestyle.

What has happened in the past 2 weeks you may ask? Well, let me recall..

Ah yes, I've been going out on assignments quite a lot for the past few weeks. Met doctors, hospital PR officers and CEO, President of an association and a few others (You may recall that I'm doing this medical documentary called Medik TV). Last Wednesday I went for a day trip to Malacca and I've been working for 2 consecutive Saturdays.

What's next? This coming Monday I'll be doing a shoot on a Colon Cancer surgery. I'll be in the Operating Theater with the operation gown, mask and sterilized..that should be an amazing experience :)

I know many people can't stand the sight of blood, seeing people being cut open and being able to look inside of a person's body and all. Not many cameramen are willing to go for an assignment involving surgeries. So far I haven't felt like fainting nor feel nauseated, so I guess I'm all good with that :D

And yes, with all the workload, I still enjoy my work much more than I did when I was in News. I don't even mind working overtime on weekends :) So with all the hard work that has been put into making's a lil bit of promo:

Watch the all new 2nd season of Medik TV starting on 1st Jan 2005, Saturday, at 5pm..only on TV3 :D

Sunday, December 05, 2004

IT is me

I can't bring myself to format my PC. I saw its signs of sickness (occasional self-restart) for the past few months but it was still working, I thought it could wait. Now it's unconcious and in urgent need of CPR (format)!

I've backed up some files before it passed out but there are still some files in it that needs rescuing. Now this is where I get lazy. Now that it's unconcious, I gotta take out the hard disk and connect it to my other pc and transfer data through it. Maybe I could pay someone to do it for me? Anyone?

When I'm done with that, I must format the other PC as it has been affected by some stuff. So my task is now to format 2 PCs, with 1 needing immediate attention..but I'm not even lifting a finger yet. Come on Irin! You can dooo it!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Go Ruffedge!

I'm so happy that Ruffedge is in the Juara Lagu Finals :D Before this I never actually took note of who's in and who's not. I do now since both VE and Ruffedge were nominated, plus me working in TV3 and having quite a number of TVs around the office and people tuning in to it. Bravo Ruffedge! Better luck next time VE..

Can't wait to get VE's debut album due this month. I heard their spanish-like song on the radio a few times and I just can't get enough of it. I'm also on the look out for James Baum's Skirts. It's so nice! Whoever has that MP3, please pass it to me..pleaseeee :D

This weekend will be filled with open houses yet again, especially on Saturday. I'll be at TV3's open house in the morning, aunt's in the afternoon, Lara's in the evening and Aleen's at night (a friend from Matrix Kuala Pilah). I hope I could make it to all houses. Like last weekend I missed Muna's :( I was at a wedding in Shah Alam and later Mer's relative's open house.

Oh yeah, below is a picture of my Rattan Cut Ring :) Click on the picture to go to my fotopages..

Sunday, November 28, 2004

A kagillion 'Thank You' to you

I'm not gonna write out the history between Mer and me, how we met and all those. But I one thing that is most important I should mention is that it all started with my friend, Syuhaida Hidayah or better known as Syu.

She's the cupid who somehow got us together. She was the middle person during the initial stages and witnessed how the relationship grew over time. With that I would like to express my greatest appreciation to her for meeting me with my jodoh.

Thank you so very much Syu, you're such an angel :)

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Rattan Cut Ring

I've been trying to keep this to myself for the past week. Glad that I've been busy to keep my mind off it..haha! I HAVE been busy for the past week with work. But at the same time I was busy preparing for today. I had family members coming over today and I was the reason why they were here.

Mer's family came over to scout me..hehe! They came to merisik! :D Because of this I also learnt something new, Cincin Belah Rotan (Direct Translation: Rattan Cut Ring). Imagine The One Ring in LOTR, it's similar except without the scribbles and evil spell. No rattan involved :P

Anyways, I received that ring from his side, as a sign of acceptance, I think. I'm so lost in these things so correct me if I'm wrong :) No dates have been set just yet. Hmm..we can't be considered as engaged just yet. Let's just say we're pre-engaged :D

This is another life-changing experience for me in 2004 :) I'm so excited, I can't hide it..hehe!

Friday, November 26, 2004

Writing up

Aaah..busy week, this is. I miss writing in here..So many things to write but I don't have the time tonight since I have to wake up early tomorrow. Need my sleep since I've been deprived from it the last few nights..

I apologize for the crappy post..just felt like writing :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

@ work part 3

This week has been good for me. I come home feeling much happier as compared to the past month. Told you that magazine is much more interesting. The people here are so much nicer to hang around with.

I'm attached to MedikTV for a month starting yesterday. I've never watched it before so I was basically clueless about the show, although I know it must have something to do with medical stuff. It's 2nd season will start in January, so look out for me in case I appear..haha!

I'll be very occupied this weekend. I have a few open houses and a wedding to attend to. It should be so much fun. I'm looking forward to it :D

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Satisfaction guaranteed?

I was so glad that I'm done with News..I still am actually. But today is the first time I felt a job satisfaction.

Remember I mentioned about this story I did about someone's sister who went missing? They aired it in last night's news. I watched today's afternoon news and guess what? They found the girl! Yay! :D

It's like I've done my part in making a difference and helping people, ya know? It feels so nice..

Friday, November 19, 2004

i'm feather weight again!

Such heavy weight have been lifted from me. I'm through with news department and I survived!

Just when I thought news was bearable, they gave me a terrible last assignment. I had nothing to do the whole day (working hours 9am-6pm) but they assigned me to cover an event at 6pm. I was so unmotivated!

It was something I didn't have a clue about. It was very chinese oriented about some chinese exercise ala tai chi, conducted entirely in chinese and served chinese (non-halal) food. But the people there were kind enough to translate the important points for us and also gave us some money to get food some outside since we couldn't eat theirs.

But still, it wasn't a very nice experience. Thank God it's over! Woohooo!!

10 years after primary school reunion

I was chillin' at home, watching the 2-hour season premier of Amazing Race when Mun called me up. Some primary school buddies of ours, Taf and Fazleem, dropped by her place for Raya and according to Mun, they wanted to meet Alia and me.

These primary school buddies, who were more like hi-bye friends all this while, turned out to be interesting actually. We shared stories on what we've been doing for the past half our life while having some ketupats, lemangs and cakes.

Then we played foosball til past midnight. The next day was a working day for Alia and me so we called it quits after countless rounds, not only because we needed the sleep but coz we won too many times..hahaha! :P

It was a lot of fun hanging out and getting to know these people again. At least if they hear my name next time, they won't recall that tall, big-sized, bunny-teethed, high-ponytailed 12-year-old me..hehe!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hari Raya..yeaaaah!

I am so glad I got a day off for Hari Raya. I don't mind working throughout this whole week, as long as I get the first day off. That's when I would go about my routine for every 1st Raya, spend from day to night visiting relatives around KL - start with my granny's (mom's side) in the day, and end the night at my Pak Ngah's place (dad's side).

The picture below was taken at my Pak Ngah's. Click on it to see more..

(From left: Cousin Farah, me, nieces Natrah and Intan)

Started work on 2nd day of Raya. I was in such a festive mood that I wore a baju kurung to work. I was expecting to go to some VIP's open house but nooo..I had to cover an accident at the highway towards Nilai (N9). When we got to the location, the accident was at the other side of the road. So there I was with my baju kurung, crossing the highway and going over the divider. I'll leave that to your imagination :P

Friday, November 12, 2004

Festive Greetings From Yours Truly

(Macromedia Flash Player required)

Friends who sent my SMS greetings, bear with me as I have yet to top-up my credit. I'll reply as soon as I get it done k ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

We Are The World, We Are The Children has been one hectic week for me! Not that it's that interesting to be told in detail. Went to many places which include an Indian massage center (work purposes please), MIC HQ (got the chance to listen to Samy more please! My ears just recovered from shock), KLIA, Putrajaya and a few other places.

This morning I met a couple who came over to Sri Pentas asking for our help in finding their lost child. Poor folks, I'm suprised they pulled themselves together really well and didn't cry, although the mother almost did. I was told that I could've somewhat "pushed" her a lil bit in order to make those tears come out. Tsk tsk..bad colleague, he is.

And it's devastating to know that the mother who was in coma for weeks after being kicked off the bike by snatch thieves, died this afternoon. I was so hoping she could make it, although her chances were slim. With the baby and all, it's very sad indeed. What has the world turned into??

So my fellow girlfriends, do take good care of yourselves when you're out on the streets and even when you drive. Be aware of your surroundings, keep away from dark isolated places and always keep your car locked. If you wanna stage an assult-scene, find a location without CCTV :P

This public awareness message was brought to you by mua.

Birthday shout out for my buddy Hanz (Solo?) or is it Anakin wannabe? Ah well, here goes:

Happy Birthday 22nd Hanz!

(Hanz on a Palace of Golden Horses's horse)

Note: I had a choice of posting a picture of us or a kinky one of his where he was showing his rear end to the camera while going on the horse..hahahah..but I guess this is just nice ;) Hanz, open table after raya right? :D

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Marvelous Blazin' Dudette

I dreaded going to work today since it's a Sunday and I've been off from work for the last 4 days. But my day started quite well actually. First thing I did was watch The Incredibles Special Screening! It was a very good movie indeed. To add more joy, I got a Cadbury goodie bag! Everyone knows I love chocolates :D Weeee...

Thought it was all over for the day. I could've gone home at 5 if nothing else came up and I could've joined my family for break fast at my granny's. But noooo..they just HAD to assign me to another story at 4 pm. I was out of the office at that time for some fresh air with my colleague and they actually called me up. Assign to someone else laaa :(

But I couldn't say that so I obliged. Went to KL Tower to check out an event organized by MMU students, 36 hours non-stop debate. To be included in the Malaysian Book of Records. Very enthusiastic bunch of organizers, very proud of them. I made the effort in mentioning MMU a few times in the story I wrote :D

Lucky thing the sponsored food at the office was good today. I left quite late waiting for my family to get back from granny's. I'm glad to be home. Now I can watch my newly-downloaded Smallville season 4 episode 7..yesss! I smell jealousy from some of you peeps. Don't worry, I'll write down the spoilers real soon...muahaha! :P

Friday, November 05, 2004

Girly Night

I had a BLAST with the chicks last night! We broke fast together at Viccuda in Damansara Utama. After that, Mun had to get something at OU and all of us decided to tag along :D Later that night we went for desserts at TGIF. This was what we ordered:
  • Mocha Mud Pie
  • Brownie Ice Cream
  • Smoothie (that's Alia's)
  • Ice Lemon Tea (Refilled 4-5 times)
Oh yes, I received birthday gifts (yes, we haven't met for THAT long) . Got some pretty nice smelling teddybear soaps from the twins and very sweet looking sandals from Sha and Mun. Such sweethearts :D I received an early present from Heydeq before she left for UK a few months back, which was a notebook - just nice before I started work :)

Speaking of Heydeq, we're looking forward for you to come back! In December as I was told, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

I realise it isn't always simple to make plans with the girls. There would always be changes in place, date and time, which would result in a lot of phone calls and SMSs between us. But we don't mind it coz we have a whole lot of fun when we meet.

We talked a lot about Mun's soon-to-be married life (yes, SHE's getting married :D). Ever since her big announcement, I've been less pressured by them...phew! But that doesn't stop the pressure from my relatives..hmph!

If all goes well, we'll be going out again next week for some Raya shopping and break fast :D

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I just joined this Hi5 community thing (ala Friendster, Myspace, etc.)
Do add me at so that I don't look like such an anti-social :D
Thanx y'all!

A thankful 16 year old

I'm just sharing this bit and I'm not being arrogant or anything, but this is what I've been told by many people:
I'm very lucky to have landed a job that many would want and difficult to get.

I remember many people applied back then and some compete in the PONDs Inspirasiku to be in my shoes. This being my first job and enjoying it, all I can say is Alhamdulillah for all that God has given me..

I never thought I would end up in this line of job, at least not seriously. I always saw myself as being a housewife or a princess..haha! Now that I'm here, I give my 100% in all I do, eventhough I might not like News Department very much. But it will be over about 2 weeks time then I get to proceed with other things that I prefer. I couldn't have done it without the support from my family, friends and Mer *huggies*

Anyways, here's the usual conversation I get with people at work..

dude/chick: where are you from?
me: from multimedia university
d/c: miim? (formerly known as akademi tv3)
me: no no..mmu, in cyberjaya
d/c: oooh that one! so how long is your practical?
me: i'm not a practical student, i'm a contract staff
d/c: oh really? i thought you're a trainee
me: *giggle* no i'm not
d/c: what did you study? mass comm?
me: no, I did IT
d/c: did you get into broadcasting?
me: (bla bla bla..)
d/c: how do u like it so far?
me: it's been great..been learning a lot
d/c: so you're attached to news/magazine?
me: technically no..(i go on explaining my situation which they find confusing)
d/c: i see.. in the end they will decide where to put you or you decide?
me: they decide but I guess I get to let them know my preference
d/c: so which department do u like most?
me: i have yet to decide (although I have very much made up my mind :P)

Every bit in that conversation is true. Even the MIIM part. I can't give them the abbreviation, MMU, at first coz it's not very well known over there. Sad but true :(

And yes, many think I'm a trainee. That's what I get for looking like a 16 year old..muahaha :P

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Counter attack

What a day! The game was strategized really well. Went across the street, took all 4 corners of the field and brought everything together just in time to make a pitstop at some phone booths and for break fast at home!

What game am I talking about? Shopping! Hehe..

Went to Isetan Lot 10 late in the evening today (parked at Sungei Wang). Got everything I needed at one place. I was suprised on how many things that caught my eyes at the Isetan Sale. The discounts were jaw-dropping! Believe it or not, I saved over RM300! Couldn't have done it without Mer. He's so supportive in giving comments and suggestions :D

We checked out some handphones before we for home. Yes, I'm phone-hunting and I've got my sight on some pretty interesting ones. I'm still open to any other recommendations though. So by all means, give me some models (handphone models that is :P).

Over all, it was fairly quick. Left for KL at 4 something and we managed to get home in time for break fast at my place. Lets do that again! Hehe..

Saturday, October 30, 2004

November Rains

Woah..where did all the time go? Just when I thought I just graduated, feeling very fresh and young, now it's close to the end of 2004! I'm turning 23 next year! Aaaaa...the horrorr!! All of the sudden I feel so old..*checks for wrinkles*

That reminds me, I've mentioned before that 2004 would be a prominent year in my life as this is the year my life advance forward in a lot of aspects. Lets see now, I've graduated, started working..hey that's about it so far! But that's a huge step. There are 2 more months before the end of 2004 and it's still not too late for any other advances to happen. Lets wait and see. Check on me on 31st Dec '04 ;)

So when 2005 comes, when people ask how old I am, do I say 20 or 21? Hmmm..that's a thought to ponder upon..hehe! Hey, I look 16 ok :P Just imagine me in a school uniform with a ponytail and a lollypop.

If I'm able to go back in time, say til I was 15, I would change a lot of things, like not hook up with some guys. I wasn't a player, mind you :P Just that I had a bad history in relationships until I finally met Mer *wink* Somehow, it has helped me appreciate him much more. Know what I mean? (I can feel Mer smiling while reading this. Here's a smile back at ya! :D)

One thing I wouldn't change is the friends I've made, especially the chicks. They've been around to see me at my lowest of the lowest, seen the good and evil(?) side of me, seen me at my worse appearance(?) and they still stick to me anyways. They are such sweethearts and I love them all :D Friends come and go but the true ones never go (did I say that right?).

Ah, enough. I feel like a granny telling her grandchildren her teenage story :P Come along kids..

Thursday, October 28, 2004

@ work again

This is the 2nd time I'm writing from the office. I'm able to write this coz most of the bigshots are in a meeting and I'm very2 free right now (hope it stays that way for the rest of the day).

Yesterday, the person in charge of all journalists' schedule, lets call him Lee, told me that I'll be working on Hari Raya! I knew there was a possibility for me to work on that day but I was hoping he would be kind enough to let me off..but he wasn't :( That's the disadvantage of being a trainee.

But the good thing is, I requested to work on the 2nd day of raya instead of the 1st..and it was granted! :D I'm gonna be around here during that time no biggie. Oh and peeps, if you guys wanna come over for raya, do let me know in advance ;)

Ooops, line not too clear anymore. Will continue next time..

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Muahaha..I'm off from work today :D I had a pretty busy 3 days of work and I wanna make the best out of today. Had a long good night sleep (about 11 hours) and had so many things planned. But I just realised that there isn't any car at home :( Gotta wait for daddy to come back..hopefully really soon.

Guess where I broke fast last Sunday..
On a Marine Police yacht in the middle of Straights of Malacca :D

And guess what I had..
A whole lot of galah prawns and 3 kinds of fish cooked in 3 different styles :D

Guess how many rounds I had..
Well, actually it's no biggie..only 2 :D

And guess what I did before that..
I got to see those marine police in action. They inspected 2 boats carrying Indons with a whole lot of stuff for transporting. They didn't make any captures though. But I did get to see those men holding guns and wearing bullet-prove vests...very cool! :D

The media was invited to see the marine police at work and also for break fast. Very nice people, they are. It was totally opposite from where I broke fast the day before that, at Jalan Masjid India..hehe! This one was a whole lot of fun. And no, I didn't get sea-sick at all. Lets do that again! I hope to be able to go on the heli one day ;)

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Note to all: Only kids can order kid's meal

Last night went break fasting at Pizza Hut Sunway with Mer, Boolat, Najhan, Red-eyed Lara whom I suggested for her to wear an eye-patch ala Angelina Jolie in Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow AND her other half..ehehe..

It was inconjunction with Boolat's 22nd birthday celebration. We had a good time exchanging stories and making fun of this malay couple at this other table who couldn't get their hands off each other. I know it's not good especially during Ramadan but I just can't help it! I tried not saying anything about them but the way they were behaving, it's as if they screamed to be made fun of. Get what I mean? :D

Ah, enough about them. Lara has difficulty choosing her food. Since she came quite late, we (Boolat, Mer and me) thought of ordering a kid's meal for her. So we called the waitress, and started ordering. It turns out, we were not eligible to order the kid's meal. We hafta be 12 & below! we know, haha!

We did take a few pictures but not with my camera. Gotta wait for Mer or Najhan to pass me them pics. Hurry up guys!

Oh, did I mention that I just got back from work? Got home at 10 tonight, feeling very2 tired and I can't sleep in tomorrow coz it's a working day for meeee.... Goodnight world and sweet dreams everyone. I'm out..zzZz..

Thursday, October 21, 2004

And there's more..

I'm off today (Thursday) and Friday coz I'll be working this weekend. I'm taking things day by day and trying to make the best out of it even though I'm not having that much fun at the news department (what do you's news!). Ah well, I'm surviving so I guess that's cool ;)

Birthday shout outs for today goes to my dad and Aya..

Happy 50+th Birthday Papa!

(My dad and me during our vacation at Gold Coast)

Happy 23rd Birthday Aya!
*mu..mooooo..(hehe..coverline, can't muax him :P)*

(I don't have a picture of Aya and me, so here's Aya and Mer at MMU Night 2004)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

4th birthday shout out in a row

I wanna take time out from the court and the VCD factory (work related lah :P) and send a shout out my buddy roomie back in MMUey's hostelly, Nurul Alam @ Ell...

Happy 22nd Birthday Ell!

(Ell and me on our graduation day)

Monday, October 18, 2004

A season to be jolly

Looks like it's the birthday season, ain't it? I have another birthday shoutout and this this time it's for my good buddy bud bud..Idaura!

Happy 22nd Birthday Idaura!

(that's Idaura and me on our graduation day)

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Roll the rolling roller stuff

Muahahaha..for once I have a progressive shopping day! I came back frustratingly empty handed the last time but not yesterday, no sirree! Spent my evening walking around Mid Valley with Mer and broke fast at Chilli's.

Notice how kids woosh around shopping malls with their rollershoes? I find it kinna irritating actually. Don't know if I would be doing the same thing if I were to be their age though..hehe.. I notice parents don't bring their kids with those shoes to sections of the mall that sells crystals and such. Once rolled considered sold!

Think again, if they allow kids to use those rollershoes, why not rollerblades right? I saw 2 mat salleh kids using them yesterday in the mall..hahaha! You go kids! Show those rollershoes kids who's boss :P Now I'm being quite childish, aren't I?

Last but not least, to my buddy..

Happy 23rd Birthday Lin!

(that's Lin and me at the theater)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

She's taking the plunge

I'm not sure if I get the green light to break the news just yet, so I'm not gonna mention any names. I'm just too excited to keep it to myself, so here goes..

One of my closest friends is engaged! Yes, with the ring and all! They've even set the date :D Friends always think that I would be the first to go, but it's proven wrong..muahaha >:)

Should've heard how we screeeaamed when we heard the news! This friend of mine secretly recorded it on her phone. We felt so silly when we heard the playback..hehehe.. We sounded histerical alright!

Oh well, I'm so happy for her and I wish her all the happiness in the world ;)

Before I end,

Happy 22nd Birthday Boolat!

(that's Boolat and me at OU's Burger King back in March, just before our finals)

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Selamat Berpuasa

Had a rather relaxing week at work and I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I'm sooooo not looking forward to next week! I'll be attached with the news department for the whole month starting next Monday and I predict it would be a very tiring and long month. Wish me luck and look out for my hand holding out the mic..haha.. :P

To all my muslim friends, have a great fasting month ahead.. :)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Our 1st Idol

Spent the whole day at home today, something that I haven't done for quite a while. I was watching TV and went online most of the time, downloading songs and Smallville season 4 :P Cloe's alive! Muahahaha.. >:)

Oh yes, I was looking forward for Malaysian Idol too, although I (and many other people out there) expected who was gonna win. Woo hoo! What did I say about giving the Malaysian Idol title straight to Jac? Hehehe.. She did absolutely fabulous throughout the whole season. I don't remember her singing a single bad note nor did she ever spoil a song. She's tha bomb! Fantasia, watch out! :D

Malaysian Idol @ Genting

Went karaoke again last Wednesday night. It turns out it was ladies night, so no cover charge for us girls :D It was so much fun. I came to realise that karaoke can be addictive coz I can't seem to get enough of it. Should get a karaoke set at home one day.

Yesterday I had a full day. Woke up around 4 something (4 am that is), had to report to work at 5 am to attend a show's live transmission from KLIA. Left the office at 4 pm coz I had transportation problems. (Note to self: gotta get a car)

Hurried back to the office again at 5 pm to meet up with some colleagues to go to Genting Arena of Stars to catch Malaysia Idols Grand Finals! :D If you think they sounded good on TV, imagine it live! Had goosebumbs..hehe..The show was great, Jac blew away the show with her definately-kalah-fantasia-barrino voice and I brought back that big Hand back home as rememberance.

Got home at 1 am and collapse to bed soon after..what a day!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

@ work

My day at the office..

Chapter 1 - Amirah
This is the first time I'm writing at work. My colleague, Amirah, is pastering me to write about her. So there you have it, Amirah Alkaff everyone :D

Ok2, that was too short. Gotta continue..

Amirah's pants have buttons from knee down and Naz wants to open them ALL..kinky stuff happening at work eh? On the other hand, she wants Adli to take off HIS pants, coz apparently she HAS to sew it - there's a hole near one of his pockets.

Chapter 2 - Cerekarama
There's this office drama going on between Amirah and a particular journalist. He likes her, he thinks she likes him when actually she was just being friendly, he wants to ask her out, she doesn't want, he insisted and someone else signed his name in the SMS that she sent him. That sparked a controversy and would've led violence if they happen to meet face to face.

The power a lady have over men..muahahaha >:) I don't wanna mention names but this so-called journalist, is a very 'well-liked' journalist. FAT, BALD, and loves CRIME. Do the Math. (She wrote that :P)

Monday, October 04, 2004

Catching up with them peeps

Last Sunday Mer and me met up with Lara, Boolat, Hanz and Lara's other half, Kamarul. It was another post-birthday celebration and suprised me with a chocolate cake! (with candles showing that I'm 32, thanx to Lara :P) They just knew how much I love chocolate. So sweet of them :D

After that we went for a few rounds of foosball and pool. It was a very fun day indeed :) Hoping to meet up again before the fasting month for more fun, karaoke maybe? Hehe..

Oh yes, remember the theater titled Tat Nenas, the one I went to about 2 months back? Well, they became champions of the Malaysian Theater Festival and won RM15,000! They will be staging it yet again in April next year. This time at Istana Budaya! Bravo! Bravo! I'm so proud to be an MMU graduate :D Just in case anyone forgets, the theater originated from MMU :P

Saturday, October 02, 2004

She Rawks!

Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Alicia Keys Rocks y'all!!

It is such a waste for any R&B lover who missed it coz it was filled with energy. Reshmonu got things started by performing for the 1st 1/2 hour. Altimet (of Teh Tarik Crew) was his guest for his Like This Like That song. After that we waited for another 15 minutes before the lady herself took over the stage, with her trademark hat while holding a cane and everybody just went AaAAaaaaaaAaAaaaaaaAaaaaaa!! *clap*clap*clap*

What's an Alicia Keys's concert without a grand piano? She performed about half the show with the piano and the other half showing off her sultry dancing skills which was pretty cool. I remember her singing one song while flirting with the audience by laying on the piano and later played part of the intro to her next song (while still laying on the piano) - get what I mean?

She belted out a mixture of tunes from her 1st album and the lastest one. Can't recall the sequence, but these are some of them:

A Woman's Worth
How Come You Don't Call Me?
Rock With You
If I Ain't Got You
Never Felt This Way
You Don't Know My Name

There are a few songs that I don't recognize. I remember her singing a cover song about war but I fail to know its title. If anyone knows, please share with me ;)

Getting out of the parking area was like a whole new ball game. Cars were parked on the grass area with only 1 narrow way out. The only way to get out of the place is to wait for owners of cars that were blocking the way to remove them, or just go through the high curb - which didn't seem to be a problem for SUVs and MPVs.

There we saw Malaysians and foreigners working together to help each other get their car over the curb, by instructing them on where to turn and strategically placing bricks to cushion their tires on its way down and to avoid scraping their car. People were standing around to look at other people's attempts and they went wooo everytime someone scraps the bottom of their car or misses the bricks.

We decided not to join the fun and waited till the path was clear. What a way to end the night :D

Thursday, September 30, 2004


Uh yeah..Alicia Keys's concert tickets in hand! Woohooo! :D

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I'm another year old

I'm 22!

I just loved being 21 and now it's no more :( Oh well, gotta grow up sometime right? Especially now that I'm already a working LADY :D Gotta think maturely (not that I've been childish all this while) and make mature decisions.

Had a pre-birthday dinner with Mer at TGI Fridays at OU the night before my birthday. We spent some quiet time together, since we haven't met that often for the past month (blame WORK!). He got me a handbag with a pair of pretty earrings hiding in them and they were put in a pretty pink box :D

Believe it or not, I spent about the whole of my birthday at Mine's Palace of the Golden Horses. TV3 had a function over there and we (my colleague and I) were needed there in the morning (function started at 5pm and ended at night). I dressed-to-kill that day and felt a lil bit overdressed but what the heck :D

And tonight I'll be having a family dinner somewhere around Damansara or Bangsar. Mer should be joining us there. Oh yes, gotta get ready and dress to murder...ahhaha..

Countdown to Alicia Keys's concert ---> 2 days!! (Note to self: get them tickets tomorrow)

Saturday, September 25, 2004

La La Laaa...Ooooh...

Went karaokeing with some friends from work last night. Believe it or not, it was my very first time and it was so much fun! Even tried my luck in harmonizing, which turned out quite ok actually :D

Yes, I've never even done any home karaoke before either coz no one sings at home (quite conservative they are). I only sing when no one's around. So there you have it, you've just discovered my passion for singing. Whether I'm good or not, that's a different story..hehe..

Hey, wait..I HAVE done it before! How could I have forgotten! During my high school days, I used to go to Intencity (a former game arcade place in OU, the cool kids' hang out - not saying that I'm in the hip group or anything :P) . They had this karaoke booth where we get record our (horrible) singing. Went in it twice with a bunch of friends and had a blast! (Note to self: Gotta find that cassette) Those were the days..

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The first one

I've just realised how tiny a newborn baby is.

Well yeah, I don't expect them to be all huge and such. I never actually put a thought into it until yesterday when I visited someone who just delivered her first child. It reminded me of the miracle of life. It was calming to see a child who is less than a day old sleeping so soundly, with not a worry in the world. And the look on the first-time parents just screams yay! all the way.

As part of my training today, I had the chance to ask someone about the happiest moment in his life. He answered, "The birth of my first child." When I asked to elaborate, he was at lost of words. He mentioned that it was indescribable and must experience it to know how it exactly feels.

As much as I love babies, I am not good at handling them, let alone entertaining kids. Don't blame me for being the youngest in the family :P I'm sure that one day my motherhood instincts will come naturally to me. In the mean time, I'll just enjoy any pampering given by people around me :D

Friday, September 17, 2004


I went to this theater called Dejavu at Istana Budaya last Monday. It was a nice one and quite lenghty too, 2 hours 45 mins excluding the 15 mins interval. Ogy Ahmad Daud played the lead and she was brilliant! Go watch it ;)

My days of waking up at 5 am are over, for now. I'm no longer attached to the program coz I finally started the BJ training yesterday. So now I go to work and back at the same time as everybody else. I kinna miss hanging around with the crew though coz they are such good company. There are only 2 of us going through training now, so it's kinna dull..

Whatever it is, I'm still having fun at work. Are you? :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tuesday night fever

Remember the strange feeling I had earlier and I thought I was back to normal? Apparently I was wrong. My temperature was quite high last night so I quickly took some medicine before retiring to bed at 9pm. This morning I was totally back to normal, with the appetite and all :D

It's amazing what sleep deprivation can do to one's body.

As for now, I shall celebrate my totally-back-to-normal state of being by enjoying some relaxing R&B music.

Monday, September 13, 2004


As what Stevie Wonder and Jodeci sang..

Lately, I had the strangest feeling, With no vivid reason here to find..

I've been a bit off for the past few days, like my mind was playing tricks on me or something like that. I didn't have the appetite to eat nor did I feel like talking much. To make matters worse, I didn't get a good night's sleep.

Suprisingly, I feel a lot better now after I got back from work and had a nice warm shower. Things are back to normal! Yay! Maybe that's why my last post was a lil bit on the serious side.

Ah well, I'll celebrate my back-to-normal state by a round of piano playing..

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Long time no see

I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time now, haven't I? I haven't even been spending time with my family that much either. When I get back, I'm already getting ready for bed. My new bedtime: 10 pm. My new wake up time: 5 am. What's to blame? WORK!

Don't get me wrong. Even with long and odd working hours, I'm actually liking it. I've had the chance to meet many amazing people for the past week. My week is'nt over yet since I still have to go to work tomorrow (today rather), although it's an off day, and get some other things settled as well.

I know many people doubt my abilities with this job. I don't know how to explain it but I just know. Well, the more reason to prove people wrong. Thus, the harder I shall work. I was told that people will change once they get into this line of work (or any line of work right?). I hope I will change for the better with no negative impact to my life.

Woah, suddenly I realise that what I wrote above is somewhat different that my previous posts. Am I turning into a serious person? Or is it the sleepiness sinking in?

Don't know why I feel like blogging at this hour. It's waaay past my bedtime right now. I have to wake up in a few hours time. My eyes are heavy and I think circles are starting to form under them.

Goodnight then..zzzzz..

Sunday, September 05, 2004

I want them VIP seats pls :D

We are family

Spent my day at Sunway Lagoon for TV3's family day. Mer couldn't come along with me coz the entry was only for 1 person (if you're not married). It would've been more fun if he was around. But it was fun playing around in the wave pool, going down the really wicked and twisted water slide and meeting Ruffedge (and Zahid and Farah of AF2).

I'm the kind of person who doesn't like being under the sun that much. Sometimes I feel like a vampire..hehe! But today I forced myself to enjoy the time under the sun and I have a feeling I am a weeee bit darker now at the hands and legs. Not sure about my face though..thank God for sunblocks :D

Oh yeah, I won 2 nights stay at Damai Laut thanx to the lucky draw..woohoo! There were more interesting prizes like handphones, electrical appliances and holidays overseas. Being around for less than a week, I feel so lucky to have actually won something ;)

Friday, September 03, 2004

Celebrating my Mer

I got back from work early yesterday. Mer came over around 5 and we went out for a late lunch/an early dinner at this nice cosy restaurant and had icecream for dessert *slurp* Oh yes, I got him a pair of Nike sandals and a jar full of chocolate chip cookies that I made myself :D I brought part of the remaining cookies to office today just to give those people a taste.

Yess..survived my 1st half week of work :D It's quite OK so far. I get to meet many people including some VIPs and learn a lot at the same time. Tomorrow's suppose to be a day off for me but I'll be out observing an experienced Broadcast Journalist(BJ) at work. Should be fun ;)

And what luck..I started at just about the right time coz this weekend is TV3's family day! I get to socialize with many other TV3 staffs, which is essential for my job. Not forgetting the guest artist, Ruffedge. Oh yeah, there's also Zahid and Farah from AF2..not that I'm a big fan :P

Notice I've been talking too much about work? I guess that's what happens when work starts taking over your life. Let's move away from the subject for a while..I'm so in love with Usher and Alicia Key's "My Boo"! It's a definite future big hit. Listen to it! I've been listening to it over and over and's soooo nice! I like :D

Mer, you will always be my boo..hehe..

Thursday, September 02, 2004

It's Mer's Birthday!

For those who are curious, it's his 20 something birthday. See ya later tonight baby ;)

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

First day! First day!

Yay! First day of work!

Nothing much really. Haven't even got my own desk yet. I've been walking around the whole building to meet as many people as I can and introduce myself. Had to get to know how they go about their work and all..must be a bit of a busy body..hehe! They're like basic first day activities I suppose.

Tomorrow's another day and this time I'm starting very early in the morning. Very early as in 6 a.m. early. I feel sleepy just thinking about it *yawn* But the good thing is, I might get to go home at 3 if nothing else comes up :D

Oh yes, I may have to cut down on my posts now that I have a job. Hey, that sounds nice. I have a job! :D

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I missed the picture perfect moment!

Aaaargh..i'm so upset!

Ikano put on a beautiful fireworks display for over 20 mins. So there I was enjoying the view from outside my condo unit. Approximately 19 mins and 30 secs through the show, I suddenly had the urge to grab my camera. I raaaan inside to get it and raaan back outside.......and the show was over! :(

Guess I hafta wait till New Year then *sigh*

Monday, August 30, 2004

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Around KL & Selangor in 1 day much has happened today..

12 noon
Mer reached my place and then we made our way to Ampang for a wedding. The groom is a tutor in MMU while the bride is an MMU graduate (my batch, I assume she's my age). Met many of my coursemates. Now that we've graduated, I don't meet them that often anymore. I predict we'll meet again at someone else's wedding :D

At the wedding - credits to Naza ( Standing: Me, Kak Yati; Sitting: Mas, Naza, Teena)

3 pm
Went to Sha's place for her brother's wedding. The other chicks were there way earlier that we did. Mun and Heydeq had already left by the time we got there while the twins and Alia patiently waited for us. So sweet of them.. *muax*

4 pm
Took a break before proceeding with our next agenda. He was at the reading room downstairs to do some work while I made some sandwiches and did some reading.

8.30 pm
Went to Hanz's place for a BBQ. I brought along the sandwiches I did earlier since the desserts and snacks were potluck. I helped around here and there while watching F1. Yess..Schumacher was overtaken AND he didn't win first place. Muahahaha! >:)

10.15 pm
Went to Mer's place while waiting for my bro to pick me up. His mom gave some fruits and such for me to bring home. I hope I get this right..the fruit is called Buah Salak, one which I've never tried before. I'm sure it's nice ;)

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Crazy Sale

How often do you hear the phrase, "Buy 1 Free 2" ? I don't know about Petaling Street or Chau Kit (spelling?) but at England Optical? That's right, buy a pair of glasses and get another one (of cheaper price) for free, plus a RM50 voucher. That means, if we buy a pair worth Rm1000, we can get another worth up to RM999.99! That's such a crazy promotion and it's happening right until end of the month.

Not to miss out on this promo, my mom and me got ourselves a pair each :D I hope other shops would follow their footsteps to show the spirit of Mega Sale :P Oh yes, got myself work clothes and a pair of shoes to give a good impression on my first day of work. I hope it works ;)

Friday, August 27, 2004

2nd batch of August babies

Today is the birthday of my favourite twin friends, Ilin and Ina! With that I would like to wish them..

Happy 22nd Birthday,
Ilin and Ina!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Alamanda Putrajaya

The Alamanda shopping center is a two storey Y-shaped mall located at Precint 1 Putrajaya near the Prime Minister's office, with a net retail area of approximately 700,000 sq ft.

There are 180 shop premises inside the mall, where 85% of the mall retail and commercial premises are expected to be opened for business on the opening day. It has a 26-lane bowling alley and 8-screen multiplex cinema. A two-storey 3,000-unit parking bay is built adjacent to the mall and is easily accessible via horizontal escalators.

The mall will be soft-launched tomorrow while the grand opening ceremony, to be officiated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, is scheduled for October 4.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Muffin Puffin

I went for the medical check up and thank god there wasn't any blood test..pheww! And to my suprise, I only grew 1cm in the last 10 years! Yes, I was a big child :P

Besides that, I've got nothing much to do today (just like every other day). I think I've overplayed Yahoo Pool coz I've been losing a lot of games lately. So I decided to practice piano instead. It has been months since I last practiced, til the piano keys got a lil bit dusty. Lucky for me, I'm still able to play some of my favourite tunes ;)

After that, I baked muffins :D Actually, my mom has been pestering me to do it for quite a while now :D It was the very first recipe mom taught me. That time it was just after my 16th birthday, which by then she thought I was old enough to handle the oven on my own.

Muffins anyone?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Survivor 9: Vanuatu - The Islands of Fire

In the remote waters of the South Pacific near the tumultuous "Ring of Fire," 18 castaways will compete once again for the million-dollar prize. Who will outwit, outplay and outlast all others in Vanuatu, the Islands of Fire? (source: CBS)

The season premiere is on Thursday, Sept 16. I predict it will hit Malaysian TV by Sept 17.

P/S: By the way, this is my 100th post :D

Last week of pure leisure

I have plans layed out for almost every single day this week. It's also my last week of unemployment, might as well make full use of it. I've been sleeping for 8-10 hours each night. After this, who knows if I would be able to get my much needed 8-hour sleep?

After 3-4 times of plans going astray, I'll finally be going out with the girls, Iryana (Lady Lara) and Idaura, tonight. That's if there isn't any last minute cancellation..I hope not. We used to be roomies back in our 2nd year. It's a concidence that our names start with an 'I' while our nick names start with 'Y'. Here's what I mean: Irin(Yin), Idaura(Yaya), Iryana(Yan). Mer once said we're like Charlie's Angels :P

I also have to go for a medical check up around this week and I'm scared! I don't like going to the doctor, which may be the reason why I seldom get sick.
I hate needles!
I managed to skip my BCG jab back when I was 12. I was safe for 3 years but it didn't last long as it resulted to double jabs when I was 15, BCG and Tt..t..aargh, can't remember! Could it be Titanous? That doesn't sound right. Sounds too much like Titanic.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

In sickness and in health

I may have to spend some time attending to this other PC at home. After weeks of signs of its symptoms, it has finally succumbed to its sickness. There's no sign of life as the PC couldn't detect the hard disk's existance, let alone trying to boot it. It may be at its very last breath or may have corrupted all together :(

In a desperate attempt to save what I can, I will try to retrieve its data and transfer them to a healthier/brand new hard disk. If it works, this will lessen our burden as we won't feel much loss of data. Wish me luck..

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Malaysian Idol ups and downs

Idaura offered me 2 tickets to Malaysian Idol coz she couldn't make it as she was in Penang. Too bad for me, one one wanted to go along. I passed them tickets to Aiman and went to Uptown with the chicks instead.

I feel like there's something that's not quite right with Malaysian Idol. There's just something about the atmosphere that doesn't give out the vibe as American Idol and I can't figure out what it is. And the dual-language doesn't help either. It seems quite off when someone speaks in Bahasa and another replies in English and vice versa. They should stick to one host who can speak both languages fluently.

Don't get me started about the judges. I used to complain about Fauziah Latif being a very lousy judge. Now I'm cursing those people who got her there in the first place. What do they see in her?? She isn't qualified to be a judge. Her favourite sentences: "Good try", "I like your style", "I agree", "You can do bedder".

Roslan Aziz is OK but he doesn't elaborate much on his comments, does he?

My favourite would be Paul Moss. Of all the judges, it's obvious that he really does know what he's talking about. During the last results show, I noticed that his prediction of the bottom 3 were all a hit.

The contestants are mostly quite timid. The one that stands out among the rest is, of course, Jac. I think they should just forego all the concerts and give the Malaysian Idol title to her..hehe! To me, she's clearly the most deserving and can actually give Fantasia Barrino a challenge.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Pineapple Tart was awesome!

(From left: Amir (cast), Apak, Idaura, Me, Lin, Miaq)

Last night I catch the theater, Tat Nenas, at Malaysian Tourism Centre (beside Saloma Cafe) with Mer, Idaura, Boolat, Najhan and Boolat's friend, Miaq. Syu and Yan was suppose to join us but they couldn't make it. It was a really good show! It was pretty funny with some musical touch to it that made the show much more entertaining. I'm proud to be an ex-MMU student (although at times I still consider myself as a student to get discounts :P). They're staging their last show tonight, so it's still not too late for those who haven't seen it ;) It's suppose to be a blast tonight since many important people are coming to watch it.

We took some pictures before and after the show (click on the picture above to view them). Mer met his friend, Intan, who is part of the production team while I met my friend, Lin, with her boyfriend, Apak, whom I haven't met since I left MMU. There were many familiar faces too, whose names I couldn't recall.We ended the night with dinner/supper at Uncle Don, Sri Hartamas.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Heydeq's Birthday Suprise!

Last night me and some of the girls and their boyfriends made a suprise for Heydeq at this place called Tupai Tupai in KL. It's a pretty cosy place with a very forest-like surrounding. Heydeq's other half, Shahir, made it possible as he arranged everything, with some help from Ina. Sha and Mun couldn't make it that night as they had other matters that they had to attend to.

Shahir escorted us to the place (we didn't know where the place was) and went back to TTDI to fetch Heydeq. While waiting, we ordered some drinks and chatted away while getting to know Heydeq's friend from college, Mas, who was there to join the suprise.

When Heydeq got there, she was utterly suprised and touched by our presence. The food was not bad either, which left everyone with a full stomach. After dinner, the Tupai Tupai people brought along the birthday cake with the candles lit.

(From Left: Me, Mas, Ina, Khai, Shahir, Heydeq, Ilin, Alia)

On the way back, the twins, Alia, Khai (Ina's bf) and me dropped by at Mun's place to wish her a happy birthday (remember that they share the same birthday?). We were just in time coz it was close to midnight. We got ourselves a piece of cake to bring home. Yay! More cake! :D

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Pineapple tart anyone?

Check out this theater titled Tat Nenas. It originated in MMU and won various awards. They are now staging it for the 3rd time since 2001. Check out their website for more info ;)
Tunku Abdul Rahman Auditorium,
Malaysian Tourism Centre (MTC),
Kuala Lumpur
109, Jalan Ampang,
50485 KL.

Date: 17-19 August 2004
Time: 8.45 p.m.

1st batch of August babies

I collected the studio photo that I took after the convocation. This is the first time I took such picture and I kinna like the end result :D Just one thing though, the frame they provided is very Datin-ish..ya know, gold with very elaborate design. Is that how all studio photo frames are like?
Anyways, I'm glad to announce that today is the birthday of 2 of my best friends..

Happy 22nd Birthday
to Mun and Heydeq..!

Monday, August 16, 2004

All the best

For my friends in MMU who will be sitting for their final exams...

Sunday, August 15, 2004


  1. Kinder Bueno
  2. Gold Rush (Mango Smoothie)
  3. Freo Cool (Mixed Fruits Smoothie)
  4. Fried Icecream
  5. 2 cans of Vanilla Coke
  6. Hershey's Almond Nuggets
  7. Peach Tart
  8. A slice of Chocolate Banana (Cake)

The list above is some of the snacks that I've had in the last 2-3 days. I now realise that I'm a sweet-tooth. Everytime I go out, I just must get something to satisfy my tastebuds and they aren't always cheap. If I'm on a budget then I would go for McD's small sized McTwist (vanilla+choc on a cone). They are so so tempting.. *slurp*

Too bad there's no icecream at home or I would have at least 2 scoops a day with various toppings. I missed Haagen Daz's icecream buffet last month. I'm sure it would've been value for money ;) I would love one of those icecream cakes too but they are waaay over my budget. Maybe one day *hint*hint* heheheh..:P All this talk about food is making me hungry..

Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Devil Wears Prada

Yesterday I bought myself another book (as shown above). I'm sure the story is a nice as its title and its cover. Mind you, I DO judge a book by its cover..hehe! In this case, by its title too :P

Today I had plans to go out with Idaura and Yan (a.k.a Lady Lara) but it was canceled at the last minute. Then I was about to attend 'something' (I'm shy to reveal what it is :">) this evening, but I was a bit late coz it ended earlier than mentioned. Quote from Idaura "It's your tak-jadi day". I didn't wanna waste all the effort I put in getting ready, so I dropped by at OU with Idaura, just for the sake of going out :D

AF fever is at its severe state this week. My parents are tuned to Channel 15 most of the time to watch the reruns. They also plan to rush to a wedding tonight and come home early to catch the concert. Mer didn't wanna go out with me tonight coz he wants to stay glued in front of the TV..hehe! Ah well, if you can't beat em, join em.. :P

By the way, anyone wants discounted Hoobastank tickets? I got this from KLue's classifieds, e-mail for RM100 tickets ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Notice the new design?

Yeeehaaa! Finally got the new design uploaded :D Like it? It's less girlish than before (no pink in sight - well now there is) and a whole lot blueR! Not saying that I feel blue or anything like that. Blue is cool and nice to see ;) It also doesn't mean I'm a fan of the boyband Blue :P

The tagboard hasn't been in its best form lately. If this continues on, I shall change to a different one <-- that's a threat to ..muahahaha! >:)

Enjoy ;)

Note: It takes slightly longer to load the page for first timers to the new design.

Music and such..

For months I feel like days go by very fast. Well, like they say, time flies when you're having fun..hehe! I sometimes forget what day it is. Before you know it, another weekend went by. By the way, it's Thursday already??

Remember the new The Corrs CD I bought? I'm enjoying it very much! It still has the Irish plus pop-ish touch. It's highly recommended to every man, woman, young and old! I like all the songs but my favouriteST is: Long Night. It's a rather sad song that can make easily-emotional people cry..but not me please :P Wanna know what happens when Irish meets African? Listen to their title track, Borrowed Heaven.

Thanx to my friend, Aiman, I got to listen to the composer's version of Kaer(of AF)'s new song that he will sing in the finals, titled Kau Kembali. Very R&B..I like :D
(I bet Mer's gonna laugh at me when he reads this :P)

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

End of the job interview season

People say, fresh graduates should accept any job that comes their way since it isn't easy to find one.

Well, remember the interview for that company in KL? I got that job as a web designer. I had a hard time considering it over, though. Yesterday, I decided not to accept the job coz I will face a lot of difficulties going to work later on.

My gamble paid off. I received a call from TV3 this morning telling me that the interview (one which I wasn't and STILL not sure for what post) was successful! :D I will start next month..woohoo! I'm one happy girl :D

I still don't know what post until I get the offer letter this week..hehe!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Andrea my idol :D

Spent my day at Sunway Pyramid with my niece, Intan. We went bowling and watched Catwoman. I realised that this cat in the movie, named Midnight, is exactly like Becky's mom. If only I presuaded my parents well enough to keep her :( Oh well, at least I know that she's happy with the countless kittens that she gave birth to.

I bought The Corrs's new CD (at last!). All the songs are nice! I've always wanted to become like Andrea Corr (well, that's something new to most of you :P). I believe we are about the same height, same black hair and we're able to play the piano. Errr...that's about it I think..hehe! I can't sing like her either though :(

I've always wanted to take up flute lessons (Andrea plays tin whistle, so it's similar :P) but I haven't got myself to start just yet. I already have a flute at home which I don't know how to create any sound with. Before you laugh at me, let me just clarify that it's not as easy as it seems! There's a certain technique to make the sound come out.

OK, next aim (besides getting a job): Take up flute lessons :D

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Welcome to the slumber party

Phewww...what a night! It was the first time in quit a long time that I stayed up til morning without doing any assignments. Reached Berjaya Times Square Hotel at 9.30 pm and had dinner at Dome, Bintang Walk. I hardly go there at night time, so it's interesting to see the people passing by.

Oh yeah, Mun decided to suprise us by her presence last night..although Heydeq and me somewhat guessed it already after a phone call to her :P So in the end, everyone was there last night. After doing some stuff (I won't elaborate :P), Alia and me stayed up talking throughout the night while the rest couldn't help but to sleep.

Early morning we sent Mun off as she needed to be in UIA. Only then I got some shut eye.

In the afternoon, the 6 of us went back with Sha (she's the only one with the car). Note that we are all of small size so it IS possible to cramp 4 girls at the backseat of Kelisa :D Before ending our outing, Heydeq was so kind to pay for our lunch at Kelana Seafood Restaurant ;)

(At Kelana Seafood: (l to r) Ilin, Ina, Alia, Me, Heydeq, Sha)

Friday, August 06, 2004


Yesterday was one of those hectic days. After 2 interviews in the day, believe it or not, I went to a fun fair in UM that night :D I can't remember when was the last time I went to such place. I was with Alia and some of our Matrix Kuala Pilah friends that I haven't met for yearsss.. It was fun seeing them again.

We played some interesting games at the many2 stalls like Coconut Bowling and some other games which utilizes small hoops and ping-pong balls which I don't know how to name them. I realise that I suck at them coz I didn't win any prize :( My favourite has to be the Bumper Car. But RM4 per car is quite expensive so we only went on it once. Then we went on a pretty scary, fast, high and spinning ride which left us with a sore throat after all those "aAaaAaaaAAAAaaaa!!" Hehehe..

I'm so excited! Tonight I'll be on a slumber party with the chicks at a hotel in KL :D Everyone will be there except for Mun. She's busy with tournaments and such. It would feel more complete if only she could come along :(

Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Awakening

So there I was, sound asleep on a cool Thursday morning when my phone rang at 8.30. I tried my best to control my sleepy voice but I guess it didn't work. It was this person from TV3 asking me to come for an interview at 10 am : Even with the short notice, I got there about 20 minutes early..I'm so proud of myself :P (It also helps that I stay just 3 minutes away from Sri Pentas..hehe..)

To be honest, I wasn't sure what this interview was for, since I was "offered" 2 posts in TV3. I thought it was for the management trainee but I was asked a whole lot of questions on presentating stuff. I was afraid to ask them for they might see me as not being certained..hehe. But the interview went quite well. So for whatever job that I was interviewed for, I hope I will get it :D

I have to prepare for another interview later in the evening. What did I say about interviews being seasonal? :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Interview Season

I just got back from MMU, lunch at this cosy place in Putrajaya and a short trip to Mid Valley with Idaura. I was at MMU to collect my RM500 deposit, where after end of this month graduates are ENCOURAGED to donate the amount to the university. As what Mer said, "They're not just being dirty elbow, they're being salty nose shit!" :P

My interviews seem quite seasonal. After almost a month of nothing (besides convocation), I'll be attending 2 more interviews this week and both are in the middle of KL. That's tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday. I hope it will go well this time around. But I don't mind waiting a bit longer before getting a job. I'm enjoying this relaxation so much! :D

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Whose wedding?

I drove around with 4 lovely chicks today. First I fetched Heydeq (who stays near my place), then fetched the twins, Ilin & Ina (in DJ), and we made our way to UM to fetch Alia (who had her convo rehearsal). 5 of us attended a wedding of one of our schoolmates' sister (whom Heydeq and I couldn't recall who that schoolmate is until we saw her).

None of us brought along any gifts coz we didn't have the chance to buy it (excuses :P). Thought we could just sneak in before that schoolmate of ours notice us coming empty-handed. But she greeted us just as we entered the "wedding-ground".

I felt rather out of place coz I didn't know those people that well. But the twins insisted that we were all invited. We met a few other schoolmates and one of em is pregnant with the 2nd child! Aaargh..madness! We left soon after the groom's parade went by us :P

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Alicia Keys is coming to town!!

After months of wondering whether Boyz II Men is coming over to our country or not, then Alicia Keys decides to drop by. It's ALICIA KEYS y'all! Yeaaaaah!! I'm so happy :D What a wonderful birthday present especially if I get those front row tickets *hint*hint* Hahaha! Even better if I get to meet her in person, but what are the odds of that happening? I hope the odds are on my side :D

I'm so excited that I forgot to elaborate more on the concert. Well, as written in The Star, tentatively she'll be performing at Merdeka Stadium on 1st October. As for now, that the most I can elaborate :P

Friday, July 30, 2004

How embarrassing!

Went to Mid Valley with Idaura to accompany her shopping. Since I've spent quite a lot this week, I didn't bring a lot of cash along for fear of accidentally spending it :D So I brought just enough for lunch and movie tickets.

Looks like I didn't budget correctly. I bought movie tickets for tomorrow and when it was time to pay I realised that I was a buck short. I had to ask the ticket counter person to hold my tickets while I called Idaura (who was at the Nike shop) for an RM1 loan. Phew..Idaura to the rescue!

I ended up withdrawing a bit more cash after that for backup and I managed to keep myself from spending on those beautiful, beautiful clothes *drools*

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Another hooray for the Mega Sale!

I've been out shopping again today :D Before that Idaura and me collected our convo stage photos at the photo shop. There were 4 sizes with 4 different posts.
  1. Largest - receiving the e-scroll.
  2. Large - shaking hands with Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah
  3. Medium - walking after receiving the e-scroll
  4. Small - still walking off the stage
Remember I mentioned that I tried glancing over at Mer after receiving my scroll? The camera caught that..hehe! Both pictures saw me looking over to my right. Oh well, at least I was looking at Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah in the eye with a smile on my face when I shook hands with her and received my e-scroll :D

After that we spent over 2 hours at OU and got myself this top that I've been eyeing for months! :D :D I also got myself a new book :) Shopping really puts a smile on a girl's face eh? :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hooray for the mega sale!

Phew..what a day! This afternoon I went to OU and Pyramid with Idaura to do some window shopping. Later in the evening, I met Lady Lara at Mid Valley to DO some shopping..muahaha! That's more than enough walking that I need in a day, plus the heels to give some extra discomfort *ouch*

Lara and me went to Topshop and Miss Selfridge for the special preview sale where we get an additional 20% discount on top of the discounted price..shopaholic heaven I tell you! But I'm not easily carried away..I only bought 1 item :)

Tomorrow might be another day of shopping. Hey, it's the Mega Sale. Might as well make full use of the discounts ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Dark side of the convo

I was so excited and happy about the convocation that I somehow erased the fact that there is one thing that I'm not very satisfied with. Did you know that they didn't arrange the graduates according to major? Worse still, they didn't mention our names! So it's like the graduates go on stage in random without the audience knowing who that person is. It didn't just happen to us but even those PhD graduates. Tsk tsk..come on MMU :(

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith is the full title of the next Star Wars film, scheduled for release on May 19, 2005. They're in the midst of post-production..can't wait! :D

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Great Convocation Day

Yeaaaaa...I've officially graduated!! It was a veeeeery meaningful day for me. Read on to find the link to the photos..

7.40 am - Made my way to Malacca.
It was  raining all the way. Good thing the traffic wasn't that bad.

9.30 am - Rehearsal/Briefing
I was 1/2 an hour late but I didn't miss that much though. I managed to find Idaura and the rest in the crowded hall.

10.45 am - Eating time/Robe collection
It was raining outside so we hung around the hall before making our way. I was in the car with Aya and Idaura. We conveyed 4 cars to an early lunch at this place called Lot something. Then went to get our robe at MMU.

2.30 pm - 2nd eating time
Went to Jaya Jusco with my parents. They had lunch while I had dessert. Mom did a bit of shopping and I bought myself a Peach Tart from Delifrance (yumm..)

9.30 pm - Dinner time with whole family
My brothers reached Malacca and we went out to find a place for dinner. We went round town looking for a nice place to eat while enjoying the view of Malacca at night time. Most places were closed and some weren't to our liking, so we went to this mamak place near MMU instead.

11 pm - Panic! Panic!!
I was getting everything ready for the next morning. I'm not going into detail with this one to avoid any trouble :P Lets just say something happened to the robe. But housekeeping isn't available til 7 the next morning. In much panicness, I called Idaura who was staying in A'Famosa Resort. She had some stuff that I needed to overcome this little trouble and thought I could go over to her place to get them. Unfortunately, she was still using it. With no more options, I had to wait until the next morning.

2 am - Still awake
Don't know why I couldn't get myself to sleep. It could be because of the anxiety, fear of being in trouble (robe) or the snoring by one of my family members :P

6 am - Got ready
While getting ready, I was thinking that Mer should be on the way by now. He took the bus from MMU Cyberjaya. He was offered to attend the convocation by the Assistant Dean but said that he didn't get to be on stage though.

7 am  - Called housekeeping
7.03 am - Housekeeping came! Yayyy!
7.25 am - Damage repaired
7.30 am - Off to Dewan Seri Negeri
7.50 am - Got a seat in the hall

8.15 am - Grand entrance by the representatives of the faculty
Those people were in blue robes, walking elegantly from the entrance to the stage. Wait a minute, who's that? To my suprise, it's MY MER! He said he didn't get to go on stage, but what was he doing there? Hahaha..I guess he was there to suprise me. Oh well, it worked alright ;)

9.50 am - My turn, my turn!
I made sure I looked OK, put on a smile and received my E-scroll from our Chancellor, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah :D Yayyyyyy! I tried to glance over to Mer but I couldn't find him amongst the other lecturers..hehe..

10.15 am - It's done
Joi was the last person to get his E-scroll and received a loud cheer from the crowd (that's the advantage of being last). He waved the E-scroll to the crowd and received a louder applause.

10.30 am - Pictures, pictures and more pictures!
After leaving the hall, I looked around for my family and found my brothers. I received a bunch of flowers from them :D We were then on a mission to locate my parents. After locating them, we took a few pictures. Mer was still no where in sight. I called him up and it turns out he was looking around for flowers..hahaha! A few minutes later, he turned up bringing a huge bouquet. I have 2! :D Spent the next hour taking pictures with many friends. Click on the picture above to see all pictures taken.

11.45 am - Check out
We finally left the convocation area to check out from the hotel. While packing, we had some snacks and Mer had Nescafe that mom made ;)

12.30 pm - Back to MMU
The 6 of us went for lunch at Ayer Keroh Golf and Country Club before going to MMU. I took my REAL E-Scroll, a studio photo of myself and returned the robe while Mer accompanied me. I was so worried that they might find something wrong with the robe. Good thing they weren't that observant and I received my RM100 deposit! Phewww..
Bought myself the VCD of that morning's session (they're really fast, aren't they?).

2.30 pm - Back home
We finally made our way back to KL. My brothers drove a separate car while Mer and me went with my parents. About half way through, my dad swerved all of a sudden. It turns out he was sleepy and thought that there was a car coming from the front. Mer offered to drive since my mom and me were both sleepy as well. So there it was, Mer on the driver's seat, me at the passenger's seat and my parents at the back.

4 pm - Granny's
We stopped at my granny's place to fetch my maid. We had tea and cokodok :D

5.30 pm - Everyone's back
We reached home and relaxed in front of the TV. Mer was waiting for his brother to fetch him but he was kinna busy with his friends.

8.45 pm - Mer's family
Since his brother took some time to get here, his mom and sister came to fetch him instead. I invited them for dinner over here ;) They stayed a bit longer to watch the Akademi Fantasia concert. It was nice,  8 of us watching it together while having some coffee and dessert :D

11 pm - Nice end to a nice day
Mer left with his family and I watched Something About Mary before surrendering to my comfy bed.