Monday, October 20, 2014

Full Time Working Mother Of Two

You know how people would say, you get totally excited about everything with your first born. The second child onwards are simply...well, been there done that.

Not for me. The 5-year gap got me just as excited with every smile, giggle, cry, name it.
And I was super excited when I witnessed Razeen rolling over for the first time. That happened when he just turned 3 months.
Quite early to be turning over, no?
And he shows no signs of slowing down. He's beginning to lift his bum as if attempting to crawl.
Don't grow up too fast, Razeen! You just turned 4 months which I think is already quite fast. You just can't wait to play with your big brother, huh?
Now that Razeen's neck is stronger, I'm more confident wearing him. There are times when he would be clingy, so out comes the good old ring sling.
So far I've been using the sling only at home. One thing I'm looking forward to is our first outing while babywearing!

But one thing I'm totally not looking forward to is my first outstation assignment leaving my kids (and husband) behind. That's happening in a couple of weeks time. And it's going to be one of the more challenging assignments too.

Let me give you a hint...


I'm not ready for this. But thank God my EBM stock is.

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Double Celebration For The RAs

* This is a super delayed post. Wrote it much earlier but haven't forgot to finish it off. 
Sorry hope tak basi! *

We held a double celebration in National Day to celebrate both our children...
I arranged everything virtually - searched and ordered things online and over the phone. Based on sample photos, Razeen's mini dais turned out just as I imagined it to be...

His baju melayu was a last minute thing. My mom made it and finally completed just the night before.
So he was matchy2 with his daddy and brother.

Then there was the birthday part of the event. Based on ideas and photos, our event organiser created a dessert table just as what I had in mind.

It was music, black and white theme for Raees...

And for the kids, I got these beautiful yummy cake pops, also something I discovered online..
It was a simple celebration with close family and friends, some of whom I haven't met in a long time.

The thing about being a mother of two, I hardly get the chance to snap photos of the event.

Hence this post is missing the cake cutting, the arabic buffet, the goodie bags (which I spent a lot of time sorting out in between nursing and running after Raees) and Raees! Notice he's no where in there? Haha!

I will need to look through the photos in the other camera and update this post soon!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

3 Months Milk Stash

My baby's 3 months already?! Ok, this is gonna happen a lot after each month comes by. But where did time go? Why is everything moving super fast? I'm not complaining though..just a thought :)

So this third month...besides the fact that Razeen is starting to turn, he fell sick for the first time :(

Fever, cough and flu...something he got from Raees. It broke my heart to hear my little boy coughing so hard and crying so loud. Alhamdulillah he is getting better now. And yes, now I got the flu.

So as you may know, I've been storing milk like nobody's business. Hey, you never know when I might have to go for a last minute one week long work trip somewhere !

Even during confinement I have suggested to my mom that we get a freezer for the milk. But she said there's no need..we can dedicate one tray in the deep freezer for the milk.

So what happens when one tray's full? I looked for space at the other parts of the deep freezer...

In between the food stored in there...any space I can find.

But it was just too full, so I started storing the the fridge freezer. It started off like this...

Which soon started falling off every time the freezer is opened as it was over stuffed.

Since my milk has conquered both freezers at home, only then mom agreed that we get that freezer just for my stash.

So I ordered a 120L chest freezer online and it was delivered to my doorstep.

We found a special corner for it upstairs....

It took me such a long time to sort out the milk as some dates were all mixed up. After about 2 weeks, finally my stash is organised...

And I never thought the freezer I bought couldn't hold ALL the milk. It was filled to the brim and some bags are still in the deep freezer in the kitchen.

So far I have around 250 packs of EBM, that's over 1000oz Alhamdulillah rezeki Razeen :)

Many have asked what I did to get an abundance of milk supply. I don't take any milk boosters. Honestly, although I don't pump as often as I should, my milk supply maintains itself. There may be a slight drop since I started work but not significant.

This is the record I've brought home so far...

That's about 26 oz. Mainly because I had a long day at work.

And that one time when I was chasing a deadline, I hardly got any sleep, my pumping schedule went haywire and Razeen only woke up once at night. I was engorged the next morning and this was what I got...

14 oz in one pumping record so far. But this is not a good practice! Engorgement will only send a signal to the body to reduce the milk supply.

There you have it, my milk story for the first 3 months. I wonder how it will be at 6 months? Hmm..

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Panda Baby

I love my job. Sure, sometimes I run into speed bumps that slow me down but in the end, my work is aired for the whole nation to view :)

My latest story for Majalah 3 will be aired at 9 pm today about the pandas that came to Malaysia. I started shooting this story back in November last year when I was 8 weeks pregnant.

I was with the Zoo Negara team in China as they started their familiarisation process with the pandas, Fu Wa and Feng Yi.

Feng Yi was still nursing her baby that time.

Shooting continued back in Malaysia. I went for a shoot even when I was heavily pregnant.

I was probably around 8 months pregnant that time.

There were only 2 occasions when I couldn't go for the shoot as it was too close to my due date and I was in confinement. Hence, my colleague helped cover for me.

When it was very close to my due date, I began editing the story at the comfort of my home.

And then I gave birth to Razeen...

While in confinement, I made arrangements to continue shooting with the pandas after my maternity leave.

So I met the two pandas on my very first day back at work.

Had the chance to meet the two pandas 'back stage' again.

I had 3 more days of shoot with the pandas before the whole story was finally done.

Photo taken with the crew and the zoo people after we wrapped...

We started planning this special feature before I got pregnant. Started shooting when I was 2 months pregnant. The story is finally going on air when Razeen is 3 months old. What a journey it has been!

So do catch it tonight! I promise you're gonna love the cute pandas. I know I do :)

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Smiley Baby

Dear Razeen,

Did you know you've melted my heart over and over again? And you do it so effortlessly. With just a little smile...something that you're very generous with.

You smile when I call out your name, when I talk to you, when I sing to you...

You give a BIG one when you're full...

Your smile also relieves me when I'm very worried about your health...

And even manage to smile when you have the gas mask on your face. You flirty flirt with the nurse!

When mommy had a long day at work, I look forward to be welcomed at home with that big smile on your face...

Alamak, merajuk ke?

Sorry I came back late...promise mommy will make it up to you. Smile darling pleaseee?

Aww that's more like it! *muax*

LOL (Lots of Love),

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