Monday, February 24, 2014

Dilemma No More

For the past 3-4 weeks, I've been struggling to fight my craving for desserts. It hasn't been easy I tell you!

The first few days I probably had what I think is a withdrawal syndrome. I got so exhausted just climbing the stairs! A small piece of chocolate later, I was myself again.

This one day I had a heavy dinner but ended up searching the fridge and cupboard high and low for something...and I knew what that something was. It's something I am suppose to cut down. So I kept on searching for an alternative. But there was nothing that tickled my fancy.

I was happy after a spoonful of ice cream and only then I stopped searching around the kitchen.

I also tried to cut down on rice and bread. Since I can't run away from those two on a daily basis, I only had small portions. I also thought it was good to ensure I don't gain as much weight as I did before.

The most recent visit to the doctor proved that my efforts paid off. I gained lesser than before. About average weight gain I suppose. Although I was targeting for a slightly smaller number.

But further check up found out that the little one is slightly smaller than he/she should be (-_-)

I was advised to rest more and do less walking. And make sure I eat well. Hmm..could my less sugar and carbo diet have caused this?

Or could be because my physical activities are somewhat the same as when I was not pregnant? I play with Raees like how I usually do. I walk to One Utama for lunch almost every day. The only difference is I haven't been out for shoots as often as before.

So now I've decided I will not control my diet too strictly. Eat what I want when I want but in moderation. Yes, that's what I'll do.

So over the weekend we went for a family getaway to Pangkor Island.

We had buffet breakfast and dinner. Boy, did I eat! I'm the kind who tries almost everything at the buffet..which includes desserts.

I dare not go on the scale. At least not yet. But here's another good news I found out today...

How cool is that?? I'm gonna try a chocolate diet after I deliver my little one. Who knew dieting could be so much fun?

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A Pregnant Sweet Tooth Dilemma

I've always been a sweet tooth. Pregnant or not, chocolates and ice creams are my best friends.

And since being pregnant, I've been craving for expensive ice creams. Really high taste this baby in the tummy has, huh? I know having too much isn't a good idea so I try to limit myself to just one serving of sweet stuff a day. Also I didn't seem to gain too much weight.

Well was I in for a surprise. During my recent visit to the doctor, I thought the scale was broken. I got the nurse to reset it and I went on it again. The readings just got higher. Damn it.

I would've tried again a third time but who was I kidding? I had to face the fact that I gained 2 kilograms in 3 weeks!

Later on I casually asked the doctor,"That's not too much a weight gain right?"

I was in denial. I know.

The first thing the doctor asked was,"Have you been taking a lot of sweet things?"

I smiled nervously and tried to be as cool as possible when I said,"Welllll, not TOO much."

But Mer blew my cover. He just had to spill the beans,"Yes doctor. She does. She takes a lot of it."


The doctor then started stating the risks of taking too much sugar. Of course it scared Mer when listening to the doctor going on and on about the worst case scenario.

So starting that day, he's been monitoring my sugar intake. I was told to cut down on carbs too. So less rice and bread for me, on top of less sugar.

I felt a slight withdrawal syndrome when I got home. I opened the fridge and closed it. I opened the food cabinet and closed it. I walked around the kitchen trying to see what I can snack on...but I was stumped. All I wanted was that piece of chocolate. Grr..

The next day was also the beginning of a long weekend...January 31st to be exact. 31% off at BR. I couldn't miss the chance again. I haven't got a quart of ice cream at discounted price in many months already. I pleaded Mer to get me a quart. He eventually gave in after I promised to only have one scoop of it in one week.

The long weekend also came with a number of get togethers with friends and family. Naturally, desserts are a must at any occasion. How was I push them aside when they're served right in front of my face?

So I had a little less than what I usually would have. A smaller portion is a good start, no? I hope those few small portions I had didn't add up to a full blown one (or more) serving though.

Then Monday came. I thought finally I could distract myself from all the sweet stuff. I had a healthy Japanese lunch with friends. I was gonna order a glass of fruit juice but the only 'fruity' drink I saw was mango smoothie. I told myself,"There MUST be more mango in there than ice cream." And ordered it.

Then as I got back to the office, a colleague was passing around a birthday cake. Again, how can I reject? Tak baik tolak rezeki.

So it's been about 4-5 days since I was told to reduce my sugar intake. Looks like as of now, I failed miserably. Not a day has gone by without a sugary treat for my taste buds.

Bravo, Irin.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Goodbye Snowy

This is a tribute to Snowy, my 5 year old male Persian cat that left us recently...

He was born in October 2008. His mom, Paris Jr., delivered him in our home.

Another cat of ours, Chewie, also delivered about the same time. So we had 7 newborn kittens that time. It was madness!

Of course we couldn't keep them all. We had 5 adult cats already. Furthermore a few months later I found out I was pregnant with Raees. So the kittens were given away one at a time.

Among all, Snowy stood out as the cutest among all the kittens. The colour of his fur was light orangey-yellow, the lightest colour of them all. Hence, my brother named him Snowy.

We had to keep him. At least we had a third generation to represent Paris' family in the house.

All the other cats, Paris, Leia, Harry, Paris Jr and Chewie had their fair share of staying in the house. So they had close contact with us. But when Snowy came, I was pregnant and there were just too many of them to let roam free in the house. So a cat house was built. The cats were no longer allowed in - except the kitchen.

Snowy spent most of his time outdoors. When he was growing up, he didn't get much contact with us.

Plus, there was a new baby in the house, Raees. Naturally more attention was given to him.

So Snowy grew up being very close to his mom, aunts, uncle and grandma.

A couple of weeks back, Snowy seemed very weak and breathed heavily. We brought him to the nearby vet and the doctor said his bladder was hard. A sign he didn't pee for a long time. Blood came out when the doctor drained it.

The doctor confirmed that his kidney was damaged. After being warded for 5 days, Snowy was allowed home. Doctor also said he'll have incontinence for a couple of weeks but will recover soon. He had to be on kidney supplements his whole life.

The photo above was taken the day he came back home, the last photo taken of him. Sure enough, his behind was wet as he couldn't control his bladder. My maid took good care of him while he was sick. Feeding him medicine and washing his behind everyday. Soon Snowy was walking around the house like his usual self.

Then last Saturday when we were having breakfast in the kitchen, I heard a commotion. My maid said she heard Snowy 'scream' and found him laying weak on the floor. She saw maggots at his legs. It was so bad that his bone was exposed.

My brother and I brought him to the vet again. In the car, I thought I heard him breathe rather loud for about 4-5 times.

And then there was silence.

I had a bad feeling. But I didn't dare to peep in the carrier. Just wanted to get to the vet ASAP.

As we got in the vet and registered, I dared myself to peep. I didn't see any movement. I told the doctor of my fears and quickly brought him in.

Doctor took his lifeless body out of the carrier.

Snowy's gone.

But what shocked me the most was the extend of the infection. As the doctor lifted Snowy's lifeless legs, what I saw might just haunt me forever.

Almost the whole bottom half of his abdomen was severed.

Maggots everywhere.

The doctor said the maggots attacked his blood vessels. That's most probably why we didn't notice it. And they were very aggressive. The infection moved very fast. With Snowy's weak immune system that time, he didn't stand a chance.

We brought him home. His uncle, Harry looked upon the carrier when we brought Snowy's body back and as he was buried in our backyard.

I'm just glad he is no longer suffering.

Goodbye Snowy. You've been a good cat.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Years Later

The world is moving so fast nowadays that so much can happen in 5 years. So much can CHANGE in 5 years. And I really felt it with this pregnancy. The experience is quite different for me this time around. One thing that made it all that distinctive is technology.

Back in 2009, smart phones were considered rare, mainly because the device was still new. Like majority of middle incomers, I was still using the 'normal' phone. You know, equipped with a 3.2mp camera and able to play music besides the other standard telephone functions.

I kept up to date with my pregnancy progress by logging on to the PC and going to a couple of websites including Baby Center. So whenever I was not in front of a computer, I was pretty much cut off from the outside world and no access to baby info, unless I reach out for the 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' book that was at my bedside table.

During my 24-hour labour, I was again cut off from the outside world coz I didn't have access to the internet. So there were no status updates...nor were there tweets that says things like..

"Good morning! I've been induced. You can come out now little guy."
"After watching 3 movies, now I can finally feel the contractions. Oooouch! It's getting more intense! Breatheeee..."
"All that pain and just 1cm?? Aaaargh!!"
"Thanks for letting me sleep through the night Mr. Epidural."
"Well hello there little one :)"

Nor photos posted via Instagram...

But now that smart phones have evolved, almost everyone is connected anywhere and anytime. It has become such a big part of our lives that sometimes I think there's an invisible handcuff that's causing us to be super attached to the device. I would turn back if I left my phone. I would even turn back if I left my power bank. But I won't turn back if I left my purse. Come on, don't tell me you're not like me.

So 5 years later, I'm reminded of my second baby's progress every week from the 2 apps I downloaded.

Without having to search, I find myself reading useful information about pregnancy. Some which I might not have read if it wasn't in the app.

And it makes the whole pregnancy experience so systematic...

Back then I didn't update this blog for most parts of my pregnancy (I blame hormones). Heck, I even went hibernating in 2013. So this year I pledged to myself, or call it a new year resolution, to revive my blog and share/record this wonderful experience of being pregnant.

Blogging is also easier nowadays. I'm writing this while laying sideways in bed. Thank you iPhone! Love you long time :x

Now there's one question that remains unanswered - what will the title of this blog be when the new baby comes? "Irin Putri & Sons" or "Irin Putri & Kids" ?

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Monday, January 06, 2014

The Tummy Story

About five years ago I looked like a heavily pregnant woman when I was just 6 months along. And that was my first pregnancy!

Some even thought I was carrying twins when it was just little old Raees occupying my womb.

People say the tummy grows bigger in the subsequent pregnancies because everything was stretched before. I was still trying to loose the excess tummy fat from 4 years ago when I found out I was pregnant again. I actually signed up for a gym membership a couple of months before that. It's a milestone for me coz I never worked out before. And no, I didn't renew my membership.

Anyway, in the attempt to keep my pregnancy low key and out of the radar, for the last 3-4 months I've been wearing relatively loose clothing to work to hide my not-big-enough-to-look-pregnant-but-just-fat-looking tummy.

But a few observant lot can sense it from a mile away.

Like fashion guru, Sasha Bashir. She said,"You don't usually wear clothes like this. Are you pregnant?"

Another colleague, Phyza, whose eyes caught my tummy as my loose kimono cardigan terselak and slightly exposed the inner for a nanosecond, came up to congratulate me.

There were times I wished I could fast forward til my body looked betul-betul pregnant so people don't assume I've gained weight. I love to embrace the baby bump rather than hiding it. I already have so many ideas in my head on how to style my preggy body. I knew I had to be patient.

I guess from now on I can dress the way I'd like to since I'm already looking like this...

The belly button popped as early as 2 months ok! It came as a shock to me too.

And in case you're wondering, I'm not carrying twins :P

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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Look What I've Got

Hello 2014! There's so much I look forward to this year. Super duper excited!

Sure, 2013 was a good year for me, career-wise. I became the producer of Majalah 3, a prime time documentary programme on TV3. Tough job there. A hot seat as some may say. The job came with a few late nights in the office with my team.

That's 3.30am with my-half-awake team but still hard at work.

Hence, the blog had to took the back seat (please forgive me, blog). My documentaries also got nominated for a few awards locally and internationally. I didn't win any, but tis ok.

Also in 2013, I could be rich if I received RM1 every time someone asked THE question. You know, when you're single, they'll ask when you'll get married. When you're married, they'll ask when you're gonna have a child. When you have a child...(drum roll please)...when are you having another? And it goes on.

It's pretty much expected isn't it? Especially when Raees has turned 4 years old. Well...

Did you get it? Did ya? If you didn't...guess you're not familiar with the saying 'bun in the oven', huh?

I've got a bun in the oven right this very moment! A tiny bun kicking away in the oven. My very own oven :)

That's right, you all can stop asking me THE question now. Thank you! Phew!

I've always kept a close watch of my cycle and as early as 4 weeks, even before I expected my gut feeling said "just pee on the stick already!"

So I did and that faint second line appeared. Mer was still in bed and I patiently waited til he woke up to go to the bathroom, hoping he'll notice the home pregnancy test kit I left on the sink.

He went in and came out looking super surprised!!


He came out looking as if nothing had happened. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing unusual. Nothing surprising. No big news what so ever.

Great. He didn't notice it.

I casually went in to the bathroom this time and asked him to join me to check out something. When I did show him the test kit...he was super surprised!!


He went,"uh huh..yeah. What's that?"

When I finally knocked some sense into him...only then he had that super surprised look all over his face. Finally! And he thought it was a funny looking thumb drive that got lost in the bathroom. *face palm* That's what happens when you have a technopreneur as a husband, ladies and gentlemen.

As with my experience carrying Raees, this time around was somewhat similar. I didn't experience any morning sickness. But I guess the age factor caused more frequent migraines in the first trimester. Uh, and erm..I was emotional *shy* I shed quite a lot of tears. Sometimes over the littlest things. Dem you hormones!

Other than that, the first 3 months went by just fine. Which is why not many people were aware of it. Heck, I even went to China for an assignment when I was 8 weeks along.

Met cute pandas while I was there. Got the chance to feed them too.

I'm 4 months along now and trust me, you all are not the only ones who just found out. In fact, I kept it between close relatives and friends until now. I felt I had to wait until the right time before announcing. Didn't wanna jinx it. You know what I mean?

Raees is acting like a big brother already. He loves kissing babies anywhere he sees them.

I told him there's a baby in my tummy and he would kiss it :)

In Shaa Allah I'll be expecting my new bundle of joy middle of this year. Please pray that everything goes smoothly for me.

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P/S: You won't believe how big my tummy has grown in such short time. Wait for it in the next post ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

From A Zombie To A Lioness?

At one time I had major issues with Raees' sleeping time. Sleeping past midnight, waking up at wee hours in the morning, waking up every 2 hours to breastfeed (not much of an issues there but it went on  every night until he weaned off at 2 years plus).
But nowadays, not anymore :)

My days of sleep deprivation and zombified look are gone! I've been able to keep him on a strict sleeping pattern that at times even I manage to get 10 hours of undisturbed sleep! I have my ME time again.

On average, Raees sleeps from 8.30pm - 7.30am. He can go up to 13 hours too!
In order to achieve this, unlike many kids his age, Raees doesn't nap in the afternoon. I know it isn't actually a good thing to promote, but that's how it is. He doesn't even feel sleepy. Going around in the car doesn't help much either.
During bedtime, this boy doesn't fall asleep as easily. He would try to fight off his sleepiness. No matter what he does, I'm quite persistent in making sure he stays in the bedroom. When he tries to go out the door, I would drag him back on to the bed and just lie down with him (my arm is his security blanket, by the way).
The only downside is - it only works when I'm around. Whenever I'm outstation and Raees is in the good hands of his daddy or my mom, he knows it's easier to manipulate them.
Most recently, Mer spent 1.5 hours going around in the car to put him to sleep!

Getting him to sleep is one thing. Waking him up is another.

Raees' school starts at 8am. He has to wake up by 7am in order to make it on time. He's been on time alright - once. Haha!

There was a time he got really angry when I woke him up from his slumber. So I took a gentler approach. Switch on the TV, make a lot of noise around the room and sing his favourite Sesame Street song (which will eventually get him to sing along in his sleepy voice).

Sometimes when time doesn't permit, I just carry him into the bathroom. This move would have 2 possible consequences - he'll straight away enjoy the running water OR temper tantrum. It's usually the former. But the latter, I just do what I need to do and ignore his cries.

I try to get him to wake up by 7.30am. But again, this only works when I'm around. When I'm not, others don't try as hard as I do to get him to wake up.

Motherhood has taught me many things. To be strong, patient...and cold hearted! I force Raees to follow the timing I've set for him even when he resists. Someone needs to show authority towards him in a way to teach that not everything is his way.
I've also started pinching him when he misbehaves. Lightly of course. I use to 'pap' (lightly hit) him but it didn't work. He ends up extending his hands to me for me to 'pap'! Bertuah punya budak.

Ladies and gentlemen, looks like I've become the 'garang' (strict) mom.
Always thought I'd be the cool one.

Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm Sorry But I Heart London

I know, I know...I don't deserve to be called a blogger if I could hardly spend time updating it :(

But this time around I have a great excuse! I'm not making up excuses, really! Just look where I've been!

Yeap, it's as fun as it looks! It was really nice to feel the cold breeze for once. My trip to London was part of my feature on the Airbus A380. We were shooting about 70% of the time on the 13.5 hour flight there! Once we got there, we did a bit of shooting here and there. The Harry Potter studio tour was added in for us though. Thanks MAS!

In total we spent 9 days shooting at KLIA and in London. It was amazing that I had the chance to explore and experience the aircraft. Another reason why I love my job :)

Check out my story tomorrow night on Majalah 3 titled 'Gergasi Di Angkasa' at 9 pm only on TV3!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 Weeks Before The Due Date

I couldn't believe I did Majalah 3 til I was about 5-6 months pregnant in 2009. I was still going out at around 4 months pregnant and it wasn't an easy assignment either. It was a feature about an abandoned tin mine in Pahang, which I personally went in to check out.

Anyhoo, later on I was transferred to do Stock Watch, TV3's business programme back then. Although the assignments were not as demanding as compared to Majalah 3, I still went out shooting when I was heavily pregnant. Plus, I even did a standupper (read: report on location).

Why did I suddenly bring this up? No, there's no bun in my oven just yet. I came across a report I did for Stock Watch in late July 2009, about 3 weeks before I was due! Some of you may know that my tummy was already huge at 6 months. By this time, I was already full term, so I looked like I was gonna explode. Take a look for standupper at the beginning and the end of this report.

Oh yeah, that's my voice doing the voice over too. Hubby didn't recognise it! Maybe because it's one of those rare occasions where I do english voice overs. Or is it the pregnancy voice? More abdomen  power?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heaven On Earth

A couple months back I had the privilege of going to Pulau Layang-Layang, about 165 nautical miles from mainland Sabah. It's a very small island, really. It's in the middle of no where..well, actually it's in the middle of South China Sea but it takes about an hour to get there by charter flight.

Charter flight is the ONLY way to get to this island - unless you travel by sea. It is arranged by the resort on the island, Avillion Layang Layang. My schedule and deadline was tight. The charter flight was full and I couldn't postpone the assignment. I was lucky coz the Royal Malaysian Air Force happened to be doing night landing exercise with its Charlie C-130 during the dates I was scheduled to be there. So we hitched a ride! :)

The runway is shorter than usual - so our landing was rather rough. I was there to feature the island's very own navy people. Yeah, it has a runway, a resort AND a whole navy base. Pretty neat for a tiny island.

Sure, it was fun shooting on the island. I enjoyed the beautiful view and the navy people treated us well. But the highlight of my 4-day trip was the nearby man-made island. It was specially made for migratory birds.

Here I was able to go up close to these beautiful birds!

The story behind this bird island (which I never had the chance to share in Majalah 3):

The birds were originally on Pulau Layang-Layang and they were disrupting the flights landing and take off. The bird island was created to get the birds to move there. How did they do it? They brought the eggs and the younglings to the island. The birds, being very protective, followed where the eggs/younglings were placed. They eventually settled there until today.

So when I was there, I was reminded not to touch the eggs or the baby birds - or they might get unhappy with me. With their large number - I was afraid of the consequences.

In fact as I sat quietly just enjoying the beautiful creatures in front of me, the birds warned me to stay away by flying towards me and going really close above my head.

We had to watch our steps too coz there were eggs on the ground!

We then took the boat about 100m away from the bird island, to a historical structure.

This is what is left of the original site where the first military people were placed back in the 1980s.

These birds don't seem to mind staying in the rubble. We were quite close to it and they didn't budge. But we mind our distance anyway because they have longer necks and beaks.

Just one of the reasons why I *heart* my job. It brings me places I would've only dreamed of going, see spectacular things along the way and learn so much. And there's more to come! :)